It Turns Out The Best Kind Of Women Find Success On Dating Sites

It Turns Out The Best Kind Of Women Find Success On Dating Sites

OkCupid have proof being a kick-ass woman pays off

By Tory Kingdon

Finding a great relationship isn’t always easy, and if you’re someone who hasn’t got the whole ‘finding your perfect person’ thing locked down, it can be easy to think you’re doing something wrong. Should you be a little more this, a little less that?

Well we hope we don’t have to tell you that you should stay exactly as you are, and we’ve even got proof.

Matchmaking site OkCupid has released research on the kind of women who find success on the site (basically those who leave because they’ve found someone they want to be with) and it turns out that liberal, outspoken women are most likely to find love on OkCupid. 


Gathering information from the questionnaires people answer when they join the dating site, the geeks at OKCupid found that the most successful women can be summed up as having all the excellent traits below:

1. They’re smart
‘Women on OkCupid who believe a person’s education plays a role in attraction are 31% more likely to find love. And being someone who’s bothered by typos also increases success rate by 36%.’

2. They’re caring
‘Women who answer “Yes” to the question: “Do you feel obligated to help your fellow human beings?” are 72% more likely to meet a partner.’

3. They support LGBTQ rights
‘Supporting same-sex marriage is the most common trait among successful women on OkCupid, with supporters being 85% more likely to find success on OkCupid than those who do not.

4. They believe in a free press
‘Women who believe that the public should have access to all literature (regardless of its content) are 34% more likely to find success.’

5. They believe in the separation of church and state
‘On the politics front, women who believe in separation of church and state see a 30% increase in the likelihood that they’ll meet someone on OkCupid.’

6. They’re open about sex and they're on board with the idea of a little self-love
‘Women who say they’d answer any of their partner’s questions concerning their sexuality are 33% more likely to find success on OkCupid. When it comes to pleasure, women who believe masturbation is not a form of infidelity (for people in exclusive relationships) are 39% more likely to find success. Additionally, women who think waiting to have sex until marriage is ridiculous are 31% more likely to meet their partner.’

So the good news is, if you keep being an awesome woman love is likely to be just around the corner. As if you didn’t know that already…

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