Easy Office Workout Hacks To Get Through The January Slump

Want to get fit but don't have time? Founder of Heartcore Fitness, Jess Schuring, spills all on how to workout while you're at your desk


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Good for: Posture and stress release.

How to do it: You’ll need a rolling chair. Place hands on desk. Exhale and roll your chair out, rounding your back; feel the stretch. As you inhale, roll your chair close to your desk, roll shoulders down and back and stretch your chest by squeezing your shoulder blades together.  



Filing Cabinet 

Good for: Toning your butt.

How to do it: Your cabinet should be about chest height. If not, hold onto a wall. Stand sideways with one hand supporting your position, both legs straight. Lift your leg sideways, as high as you can. Bring your leg slightly behind, squeezing your glutes. Now start to draw tiny circles in the air. Do ten in each direction; repeat on other side.


Water Cooler 

Good for: Boosting your metabolism. 

How to do it: Make as many trips to the water cooler throughout the day as you can possibly get away with. First of all, it’ll keep you well hydrated and it also increases the circulation in your body. To burn even more calories, try lunge walking, squat jumping or hopping on one leg instead of walking. 



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One Litre Bottle Of Water 

Good for: Working arms and abs.

How to do it: Stand upright with feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Bring the bottle of water over your head with both arms. Reach high, but keep shoulders down, squeeze your glutes and hold abs tight. Exhale and bring arms to the outer side of your left hip. Inhale as you bring your arms back overhead and repeat to the other side. 


Got it? See, working out can be easy! If you're committed to your new year's fitness regime, here are more signs it's January

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