32 Small Wins In Life That Are Oddly Satisfying


Because nothing feels better than those little wins in life…

1.    Painting your nails at night and NOT waking up with pillow marks in the morning

2.    Peeling off a sticker in one go

3.    Particularly on the bottom of shoes

4.    Unexpectedly finding a £5 note in your pocket

5.    …especially after it’s already been through the wash

6.    Paying for something with ALL the change left in your purse

7.    Getting in the quickest queue

8.    Thinking it’s Thursday, then realising it’s Friday

9.    Peeling off the lid of a yogurt and the yogurt being intact underneath

10.    Being the only one in a public bathroom

11.    Throwing something and getting it into the bin

12.    Dropping something and it landing upright

13.    Dropping something and it surprisingly not exploding

14.    Your train being delayed when you’re running late

15.    Seeing fresh snow (or more likely, smooth concrete)

16.    When a song you really like comes on shuffle

17.    When you wake up and check the time, but you have hours left to sleep

18.    Getting the free coffee in Pret

19.    Opening your bag to look for your phone or keys and them being right at the top

20.    When you have to cancel on someone, but they cancel on you first

21.    Tuning your phone off and on again and it miraculously giving you 20% more battery

22.    When you’re about to pay full price for something and it’s reduced

23.    When you order a double and they charge you for a single

24.    Peeling off face masks

25.    Peeling anything

26.    When you take your headphones out just as a song finished

27.    When you finish a book just as you get to your bus stop

28.    Getting the last seat on public transport

29.    Being the only one on the train

30.    Getting your eyeliner flicks even

31.    When there’s just enough milk left to put on your cereal

32.    When you write a difficult word and you actually spell it right

If at least ONE of these things happens to us today, we'll be happy. Don't forget to check out these great things that happened this week, too.

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