Three Reasons Why The Nike Better For It Campaign Will Motivate You To Move

Three Reasons Why The Nike Better For It Campaign Will Motivate You To Move

Last year Nike launched their #BetterForIt campaign inspiring women around the globe to set their own personal fitness challenges, from mastering a headstand in yoga to completing a half marathon, with the common goal that they will be ‘better for it’ on the other side. This week Nike ramp up the campaign in a way that will guarantee to get you moving


1. Margot vs Lily – A Better For It Production

Nike have teamed up with legendary filmmaker Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (from Glee and American Horror Story) to create an eight-episode original series that follows polar-opposite sisters Margot and Lily as they bet each other to improve their respective fitness/social lives. Not only will you laugh but you’ll empathise with the sisters as they struggle to make their bets, and realise that making that first step is totally worth it.

2. Better For It Training Plans

Needing that extra bit of inspiration or motivation? Log onto to get a whole host of advice and training programmes tailored to your fitness level, whether you you’re a keen exercise bean, or your last memory of exercise was Year 11 P.E class. What’s more, download specially curated, pumping playlists to help you get in that fitness zone.

3. The Nike Women Edit

If you’re based in Europe, sign up to The Nike Women Edit to find out about upcoming Nike events in your area you can get involved in. You can also check out the latest sportswear clothing launches to make sure you’re looking on point to start the next stage of your fitness journey. After all, looking great is the first step to feeling great, right?

For more information on the Nike 'Better For It Campaign' and to catch up with Margot vs Lily click here

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