Nicole Scherzinger and David Beckham Love Spinning, Here's Why You Should Too

Nicole Scherzinger and David Beckham Love Spinning, Here's Why You Should Too

It's the exercise of choice for a wide range of svelte celebrities, from Nicole Scherzinger to David Beckham. But why is spinning so popular? We asked Hilary Gilbert - model and founder of A-list favourite BOOM Cycle - to talk us through it.

Since hanging up his football boots, David Beckham has found another way to stay in (spectacular) shape: spinning.  

And Beckham isn't the only celeb who loves the high intensity workout. Spinning is also the exercise of choice for celebs including Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde too.

The craze for spinning began in the US ten years ago but quickly spread over here, thanks to its combined cardio, calorie-burning and toning benefits.

These days it's all about classes like BOOM Cycle, which shake up the traditional spinning format with loud disco music, darkened rooms and motivational calls on a loud speaker from the class leader to help you power through those bits that really really burn.

If you want a walking example of what spinning can do to your body, look no further than BOOM Cycle's fabulously toned founder, model Hilary Gilbert...

If anything is going to motivate us to get on that bike, it's her. We asked her to tell us why we need to get spinning.

I have never gone spinning before. What can I expect?
"At BOOM Cycle you can expect a sweaty and loud dance party on a bike! Our program is based on High Intensity Interval Training. Our concept is not normal, but spinning is generally an intense cardio workout."

Why is it so good for you?
"It strengthens you and your cardiovascular system. You get a full body workout that's fun and exhilarating!"

Which particular areas of the body does it target?
"Our classes target the legs and the core using up and down and forward leaning movements. Your legs are the largest muscle in your body so exercising them will give great results!"

How many calories can I expect to burn in a spinning class?
"The number of calories you burn depends on your size and how hard you push. I am 5’9” and muscularly dense (I weigh 132 pounds) so I'll burn about 650 calories when I ride for an hour (when I teach it's higher because I am pushing so much harder)"

Which celebrities love to spin?
"I would never sell out our celeb fans, but it's all over the press that the likes of Lady Gaga, Jake Gyllenhaall and Katie Holmes are fans - to name a few."

How long before I start to see results?
"If you work hard, you can see results in just a few weeks. The better you eat the faster you’ll see them. In my experience, spinning is the number one activity for seeing fast results."

What other exercises should we combine our spinning class with?
"Additional exercises I would recommend are reformer pilates or yoga and a bit of weight training. I’m a big fan of mixing things up workout wise - sometimes I just like to go for a slow run in the park."

Is it useful exercise if we're training for a marathon?
"It's super-useful for building cardiovascular fitness so we've had a lot of people training for marathons come to our classes. It's also good if you have an injury as it's low impact. One of our riders trained for a marathon by doing just two weeks of running - the rest of her training was spinning and she got a personal best.  Lots of people come to us for ski training, too."

What should we wear to a spinning class?
"Wear light, moisture-whicking fabrics and spin shoes that clip onto your pedals."


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