Move Over Kale! Why Moringa Is The New Superfood You Need To Know About

Move Over Kale! Why Moringa Is The New Superfood You Need To Know About

2015 has officially been the year of our kale obsession, but we've found something better. It's called Moringa, it's a total health game changer and the health benefits are endless. Here's everything you need to know about it...

Moringa who wha?

Moringa oleifera actually, but simply moringa to it's fans.

And it is….what exactly?

A tree native to India and the Himalayas but also now cultivated in South America and Africa, moringa has been an important food source for centuries. Seriously, in the Philippines they call it 'mother's best friend' and in Senegal it's the 'never die tree'. So yeah, safe to say, people are big fans.

Moringa benefits: What's so good about it?

It's pretty much the most nutritious plant we've ever come across. Just don't eat the bark, it's all about, well, every other part. The pods taste like runner beans, the leaves are sort of like spinach, Moringa seeds reminds us of peanuts and the roots are something like horseradish. A whole meal of moringa? Don't mind if we do!

Packing in over 90 different nutrients including protein, fibre, calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A, it's the holy grail of health foods and you can eat almost all of it. Nice.

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That morning orange you have? Swap it for moringa leaves - they've got seven times the amount of vitamin C. A glass of milk? Sack it off, moringa has four times the calcium. Shall we go on?

The best bit? It contains all the antioxidants you could ever ask for - 46 different kinds to be specific. Now that's a whole lot of goodness.

We've heard it's a super food…

Well if you count being ultra fast growing even in climates other plants die in and having the ability to purify water, super, then yeah, it's pretty super.

How do you eat it though?

Oh, all kinds of ways! Grab your moringa supplements to take everyday, add the powder to your pre-work green juice or visit South America and cook up some fresh leaves.

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