Behold! It’s The Mini Avocado! Genius.

Behold! It’s The Mini Avocado! Genius.

How M&S are saving millions of avocado halves…

Just when we thought we’d never get as excited about avocado as we were during the avocado peak of early 2013, Marks and Sparks has brought out the ‘minicado’ – an avocado roughly half the size of a regular one. And it’s a GENIUS idea.

How many times have you wasted half of one of your favourite green pears because you popped it in the fridge and either forgot about it or missed the golden time window of ripe? Or forced down more than the recommended serving of half an avocado a day to avoid the rest going brown?


These little beauties - called Mini Hass Avaocados - are grown in Spain and used to be thrown away because they were considered too small, but now they’re on sale for £2 for a pack of 5 (BARGAIN!) and even have the benefit of having a more concentrated sweet, creamy taste, according to M&S. They’re also small enough to just cut in half and pop in a salad, rather than having to go through all that slimy slicing you usually do. They're only available now until April though, so hurry up and get some before they're gone! Marks and Spencer sold a whopping 11.5 million avocados last year, so it’s no wonder they’re putting the effort into making them even more appealing. So what will you be making with your first pack of minicados? Here’s some Insta inspo to get you going.


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