6 Amazing Mindfulness Apps To De-Stress Your Brain

6 Amazing Mindfulness Apps To De-Stress Your Brain

They ACTUALLY help...

So it seems millennials have it pretty bad when it comes to anxiety and depression and all the things that make our brains feel TOTALLY weird.

Whether it’s the waking to sleeping consistency of work and social media, or the pressures to get onto that elusive career ladder, it can make cracking on with the daily grind a bit of a struggle. Enter – mindfulness.

Often shrugged off as a bit of an airy way of dealing with stuff, mindfulness is actually proven to treat depression. Recent research from Oxford University found that ‘38% of patients with depression who received mindfulness-based cognitive therapy had a relapse within 60 months, compared with 49% who didn’t receive treatment’.

Though it’s not a substitute for treatment for anxiety, stress or depression, it’s proven useful, it’s calming and what’s another 10 minutes in the morning in between making a salad and getting in the shower if it may make any difference?

Like many actually good things, it sounds a bit eye-roll inducing, along with the whole green life (see: green juices, yoga, vegan make-up), mindfulness just means taking time to being aware. So, to translate that into real life, in theory it avoids you spiralling into negative moods as you take a look at what's bothering you or what's happening in your life and keeps a level inner calm throughout. Meditation is a way of practicing mindfulness.

Here are the 6 apps we’re all about…


Sure, we’ve all heard about it but it’s great — a soothing non-robotic voice (former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe), a normal expectation of how everyone’s fitting it into their lives, and for about as much as a cup of coffee per month (after the free 10-day trial).

Stop, Breathe & Think

As the name suggests, it's about stopping what you're doing and thinking about how you're feeling, breathing to create space in your head and think to balance perspective and give more of a peaceful state, with meditation and by charting your emotional and physical state.


Made for busy city people, there's a lot of choice on Buddhify — gender of voice and styles of meditation and music.


If you're not one for typically zen noises (waves and stuff) then this might not be for you, but the 7 Steps Of Calm are good for a moment of meditative relaxation.

Walking Meditations

If you’re problem with mindfulness is that you just don’t have time, this could be the one for you. Designed to fit into a busy life, there’s three short focused tracks that you can do on your walk from the bus to

Mindfulness Training App

Recommended for mindfulness newbies, this app has some big names in the industry involved to explain what it's all about.

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