Meet Richard Tidmarsh - He Can Give You Abs Like Millie Mackintosh

Meet Richard Tidmarsh - He Can Give You Abs Like Millie Mackintosh

Meet Richard Tidmarsh, the founder of Reach Fitness. Over the next six weeks he will be inspiring you with an amazing weekly workout video, helping you make your dream body a reality. But before you dig out the lycra leggings let's mean the man himself...


So who exactly is this fitness dude?

Richard Tidmarsh AKA Rich the founder of Reach Fitness, a gym based in Clapham, London that he opened in 2011. Since then it's become the go to fitness spot for both atheltes and celebrities  England footballer Eni Aluko, Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green. If you wants Millie's envivable biceps and those abs of steel he's your man. He's particularly excited to for you too see his training videos. "My adult life has always revolved around sport & fitness, so bringing my ideas & passion for training to other people was a simple decision when I started out in the industry 10 years ago. I'm delighted to be working with InStyle as getting good training information out to people, particularly women who are bombarded with bad messages, is really important to me."


What makes his workouts different?

Rich has got a huge range of experience in strength training - he's worked with footballers, rubgy players, UFC fighters and models so he really knows what he's talking about. He's all about functional fitness so you can expect plenty of squats and even pull ups. He's also a big fan of animal flow and yoga. Basically you're not going to get bored following his workouts and you're going to ache a lot afterwards, but in the best post smug workout kind of way. It's the reason he's got so many repeat clients.

Pre Christmas feast training session with @richtidmarsh! Ab wheel roll outs are brutal 😖

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Foodwise, what's his fuel?

Just look at his instagram @richtidmarsh and you'll see he gets through a lot of eggs, avocados and salmon. But he's all about the balance too. Hello occasional gin and tonic! Plus dark chocolate is on his weekly shopping list. Sounds like our sound of guide.

Boom! Breakfast! #Fitness #Food #Nutrition #Fitspo

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Check back on Thursday to see the first of Rich's training videos and don't forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram via @RichTidmarsh


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