Why Matcha Is Better Than Moisturiser

Why Matcha Is Better Than Moisturiser
Matcha Tea

Matcha green tea is the wellness drink that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but what are the actual benefits of drinking it?

In Japan, drinking matcha green tea is as common as the humble builder's tea in England - only rather than simply act as a pick-me-up, it also comes with a host of health benefits from detoxifying to burning fat and, purportedly, reducing the likelihood of cancer developing. 

The difference between all the other green teas on the market and matcha is the huge hit of antioxidants, minerals, amino acids and vitamins it offers. And, in case that knowledge isn't enough to convince you to go green, here's a breakdown of the five reasons matcha green tea powder needs to be part of your daily routine... 


1. ALL those antioxidants
It’s packed to the max with brilliant antioxidants, which you can never really get enough of; the naturally-occurring chemical compounds that you'll find plenty of in matcha prevent premature ageing and chronic diseases.

2. But wait, it gets better…
Out of all the antioxidants, the catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) is the most widely recognised for its cancer-fighting properties. Matcha green tea contains over 100 times more EGCg than any other tea. We. Know.

3. And it's the teatox of all teatoxes
The chlorophyll you'll find in matcha acts as a gentle detoxifier, helping to remove chemicals and heavy metals from your body that you've accrued from toxins. 

4. It'll also boost your metabolism
Yep, expect a speedier metabolism courtesy of matcha, which means more fat burned - without any annoying extra hunger pangs you'd usually associate with weightloss. Along with that, the amino acid L-Theanine that is contained in matcha leaves produce dopamine and serotonin which enhance your mood, improve memory, and promote better concentration.

5. ... And will enhance your concentration
Buddhist monks have been drinking matcha for hundreds of years to keep them focused and alert whilst they meditate, so switch out your afternoon Americano for a matcha tea instead.

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