Bus Dating? Your Daily Commute Just Got Interesting...

Bus Dating? Your Daily Commute Just Got Interesting...

Would you board the love bus?

Ladies, welcome to the world of bus dating. Is bus dating actually a thing? Yes, yes it is.

We singletons are living in a modern world full of dating apps, online dating profiles, Tinder, swipe right/left etiquette, and every so often a new platform comes along from which to make romantic advances. Armpit-sniffing date? Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

So imagine our delight when we got wind that bus dating might the newest way to meet potential love-matches. Dating, on a bus. How has no-one thought of this before?

The 'DateMaster' bus, unveiled by dating professionals Match, is a brand new unique service allowing Match members and other singles to hop aboard, socialise and speed-date on their way to work. 

Discussing the benefits of bus dating, a Match spokesperson told us that their aim is to bring some 'fun' to people's (often pretty crappy) commute:

'The service has been designed for time-poor commuters to go on dates – something they can’t always do when juggling work, socialising, exercising and other commitments. Our research found that 55 per cent of single Britons admit they don’t go on as many dates as they would like because they don’t feel like they have time.'

But, is this idea feasible? I for one know that my commute is the time I spend getting my shizz together of a morning. This could include anything from applying make-up, looking at pictures of pugs wearing puffa jackets, or making a routine catch-up call to my nana - being on my dating 'game' isn't something I'd usually associate with a bleary-eyed 7am bus journey. Match however, are positive that this concept is a banger.

'Londoners are the first to blame their lack of love life on their hectic schedule,' Match dating expert Kate Taylor explains.

'The DateMaster bus is the perfect solution to this. You can speed-date over a healthy breakfast, and flirt before you've even hit the office. I wish normal commutes could be so romantic, but Londoners are usually keen to avoid eye contact on public transport. The DateMaster bus finally allows singles to interact in a fun, romantic and time-efficient way.'

The bus route will run this week throughout London as a pilot scheme, and if successful, will be rolled out across the UK at a later date.

Would you go on a bus date? Let us know your thoughts...


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