Marula Oil: The Beauty Craze That's Blowing Coconut Oil Out Of The Water

Marula Oil: The Beauty Craze That's Blowing Coconut Oil Out Of The Water

Ok, so we're not quite ready to give up our coconut oil just yet but marula oil is definitely giving it a run for its money. Here's why we're considering the switch...

These days there are so many unexpected beauty fads cropping up that it's become super-tricky to filter out the hearsay from the stuff that really works, but we reckon we've just found a new miracle product that you're going to love.

Leaving coconut oil quaking in its boots is marula oil, and its health benefits sound almost too good to be true. Except, it really does work... 

Harvested from the nut found inside the sweet marula fruit, it's original home is the west coast of Africa and Madagascar where the locals have tapped it for its health-boosting, cure-all qualities for centuries. Now, it's gone mainstream thanks to its miracle working properties, it's becoming a major contender in the beauty oil stakes. 

Often found as an ingredient in mixed products the beauty industry has started to explore using it on its own, and it's had some pretty amazing results. 

Lightweight, fast absorbing and nourishing beyond belief, it's seems to have it all — but how does marula oil *really* affect your body? Here's everything you need to know...


Will it work for my skin-type?
Marula oil is suitable for all skin-types — its light texture and non-greasy finish mean it's perfect for naturally oily skin but it's hydrating qualities make it a dream for dry skin too. Definitely an all-rounder... 

It's like fabric softener for your body
Simply rub it in and it'll instantly give you sot skin to the touch but, more importantly, the results last — even if you skip a day between applying. Now that's longevity at its finest. 

Suffer from acne or spots? Add marula to your combat arsenal
Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, applying marula oil to your breakouts can diminish the size and appearance of blemishes. Oh, and did we mention it can also reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks? Brilliant


Brittle nails? Marula oil will sort 'em out... 
Rub it directly onto the nail daily to strengthen your talons with layering on the gloss. 

It's also perf for mani-prep
Doing an at-home manicure? Be sure to lather your nails in marula oil first — sure, it hardens the nail itself but the skin around it will be instantly softer making it easier to preen and maintain your cuticles. 


It does for your hair what sunglasses do for your eyes... 
You'd never expose your eyes to harsh UV rays and you should definitely follow suit when it comes to your hair. Like a protective layer, marula oil coats your tresses against the sun thanks to its ultra-rich shield of antioxidant and essential minerals. The same goes for heat styling, too. 

Want glossier locks? Right this way...
Thanks to its sealing powers, the oil encases the strand and nourishes it to make it strong, shiner and makes it look way healthier from the off. We suggest using it as a hydrating mask after shampoo and before conditioner — just be sure to rinse well in between. 

From root to tip, it's hair benefits are endless
Dandruff fighting and breakage busting — marula is the oil that just won't quit. 

While you can get marula oil that's been specifically modified to tacked hair, skin and nail problems, we reckon investing in the pure stuff for all of your ailments is the way to go. Snap it up here and we guarantee you'll see the benefits from the off.

Sorry coconut... 

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