Maria Sharapova On What It Takes To Get A Body Like A Tennis Pro

Maria Sharapova On What It Takes To Get A Body Like A Tennis Pro

The tennis pro and green juice obsessive lets us in on her fitness rules for getting her trophy-winning bod…

Wimbledon may have ended for another year but that doesn’t mean our girl crush on tennis pro (and secret cool kid, just check out her instagram) Maria Sharapova is over. From drinking a green juice a day to treating herself to a spritz of perfume after a hard training session, Maria lets us in on her tips and tricks to getting her trophy-winning bod…

Your job is essentially exercising, surely it’s easy to stay in shape?

‘It’s only now that I really understand how great it is to work out for a living – it means I’ve got to know so much about my body and what affects it in a positive way. People assume athletes all have personal nutritionists, but most of us are just good at knowing what isn’t good for us. But you don’t have to be an athlete to understand that if a meal makes you feel tired, it probably means there’s something in it that doesn’t sit well with your body.

When it comes to worrying about staying in shape, I’m just like everyone else, I may have trained all my life but I love my food – I just have to make sure it doesn’t take over. If it does, I tend to concentrate on my core, as when you’re working on your core you’re working other parts of your body at the same time. It’s especially important for tennis. I know that when you feel your abs, you’re really working it.’


Ok, so you eat super well, what else keeps you looking this good?

‘As boring as it sounds, water is a big part of my diet. I wake up and drink half a litre every morning, it’s just a really fresh, clean way to start the day. I don’t even go in for coconut water or anything like that, just plain old water – sometimes with a squeeze of lemon. It’s the best way of keeping me hydrated, especially when I’m travelling. Although, I have the smallest bladder, so it’s not always ideal when you’re on the go!

I love cold-pressed juices and, when I’m home, I try to make all sorts of green juices to get vitamins. When I’m flying, I’ll avoid bread or anything with too much protein and will make sure I eat lots of vitamin C infused foods, but there’s no real secret to fighting jet lag unfortunately.’


We hear you, so how do you stay motivated?

‘As you’ve probably guessed, I work out a lot, so I’m always trying to find great new radio stations or playlists as I get really bored of my own music. I started playing tennis when I was four, so it’s always been part of my life, but my training regime gets more intense when I’m preparing for a tournament. Right now, it’s pre-season, so it’s usually three or four hours on the court and then about an hour and a half of working out off the court. I enjoy exercising outdoors and I actually like the feeling of getting something done for my body. If I didn’t work out for a living, I’d do a lot more dance classes. The best exercise is when you don’t feel like you’re doing it.’

We couldn’t agree more! You’re so disciplined, how do you treat yourself?

‘I use fragrance as a bit of a reward after working out. I don’t wear it when I train, so it always feels like a bit of a treat – the last touch after you’ve showered and got dressed. I love rose and lavender, but my favourite scent right now is Avon’s Luck For Her. It’s quite floral and fruity, and feels light enough to wear all the time.’

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