#MarathonFails: Don't Let One Of These Things Happen To You...

#MarathonFails: Don't Let One Of These Things Happen To You...

Uh oh, the London Marathon is around the corner...

Running the London Marathon?

Really. Well, if you are, you've probably already told uh like, everyone (these feet ain't gonna sponsor themselves babe), and now that the day is finally upon us, you're freaking out about all the things that COULD go wrong.

You've done ALL the training. There's been tears. There's been rogue toenails. And please, let's not mention the nipples. But here we are. Don't be a ninny. Don't be one of these people...

1. You thought that sneaky pint would be a good idea

Yes, it's been hard laying off the sauce during training. But now all your bestest pals are in town to support you, and that 'one' celebratory beverage has turned into three or four. Running 26.2 miles with a hangover? Hmm, not great.

2. You didn't invest in that decent sports bra

Sure, it was on the to-do list, but the council tax had to be paid, and then it was your BFF's birthday. It slipped your mind. You're at 13 miles and the girls are knocking together like a pair of festival maracas. No, just no.

3. You didn't leave enough time to get to the start line

An hour before? Pfft. 'I live twenty minutes away'. Fast forward to 9:30am and the entire world is on the overground. Crying won't get you anywhere.

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4. Don't forget the safety pins

One job guys. One job.

5. You told your folks to meet you at the finish line...

Good luck with that...

6. You told your mates to make a sign


7. You ate WAY too much the night before

Pasta sandwiches? Probs not the best.

8. You drank ALL the water

Pretend that your 'I need a wee' hop is just an impromptu warm up. Tsk, rookie.

9. You went a bit far with the prep

Gels. Gel pockets. Bumbag. Arm strap. Visor. Calm down keeno. You'll only regret all that baggage at mile 22.

10. You decided that a spin class would be great the night before

It'll loosen the muscles no? No. No it won't.

11. Know your limits

We know your aiming for a good time, but don't let the old school sports day competitiveness kick in. Just cause you won a medal for the sack race back in '89, doesn't mean you're Paula Radcliffe.

12. Remember to HAVE A GOOD TIME

Sure it's hard. If it wasn't hard everyone would do it. You are amazing.

Good luck London Marathon runners! You're already a winner (like Taylor Swift...)





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