#MannequinChallenge: Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Meme Challenge

#MannequinChallenge: Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Meme Challenge

Forget the Harlem shake, 2016 is turning out to be the year of the #MannequinChallenge...

Sorry, the what challenge?

We've had the ice bucket challenge, competitive planking and the hilarious Harlem shake but the latest meme spreading itself all over social media is the mannequin challenge. As viral video challenges go, this one is pretty simple to do. You take a group of people, get them to pose freeze frame style  (the hint is in the name,) while someone goes around filming them, preferably in slow mo.

Who's doing it?

You mean who hasn't done it. Search for the hashtag on Instagram and you'll find over 500,000 posts of people randomly frozen mid-act. Plus it's been mentioned over two million times on Twitter. This group of teenagers in the US seem to be the first to have posted the below clip with the hashtag.

Even super serious but maybe secretly fun on the inside Victoria Beckham is getting in on the action (and totally using it for her latest Target clothes collab campaign).


But you know something really has gone viral when Beyonce is taking time out from running the world to freeze pose next to her former Destiny's Child mates and post it to Insta.




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Since the Survivor trio made their mannequin debut we've had attempts from Adele, James Corden and even Hilary Clinton. Trump is unsurprisingly yet to partake but then again those tiny hands and perma tan are hardly mannequin-esque anyway are they?

What's that catchy tune? 

Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd has become somewhat of the unofficial #mannequinchallenge soundtrack. Although, the duo behind the track Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi initially released it in the US over two months ago, it's now suddenly rocked up the charts to no.1 this week thanks to a lot of random people trying not to blink to it. And even an original Beatle - Paul McCartney gave them a shoutout on Twitter when he used the song for his own challenge.


Ok, this sounds actually LOL, show us the best...

For some reason it's just so much funnier when it's done by a celeb. Here are our faves so far...


1. Michelle Obama proving why she should be President for 2020...




2. Adele showing that stetson hats and Johnny Cash can be funny...


Mannequin challenge

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7. Reason number 547305645 we're devastated Hillary Clinton didn't win...


8. Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with Warren Beatty for a game of ping-pong...

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