9 Super Hot (And Also Totally Inspirational) Male Yogis Of Instagram

Because we’re bored and want to shamelessly look at hot yoga instructors…

The Hipster - @patrickbeach

Proving the couple that works together, stays together, super hip Patrick Beach and his gf roam around teaching yoga workshops and making us generally die inside with envy. Check that beard though.



The Inspirational Dude - @kdhoferyoga


So here’s the thing with yogis - they like to go all 360 on the spiritual living life to the fullest shebang. And uber yogi and photographer Kevin Hofer is no different. Hitting us with a shedload of inspirational quotes (and handy instructions) every time he posts a crazy bendy yoga pose, Kevin is officially our new year’s bod inspo.


The Pretzel -@dylanwerneryoga


When you’ve got almost 400,000 Insta followers just for cracking out some yoga, you know you’re kind of great at it. And Dylan Werner totally is. Winning our award for the weirdest locations to do yoga in, Dylan bends himself into shapes we can’t even comprehend in places we’re not sure how we’d physically get to. Rocks by the sea, we’re looking at you.


The Hair Stylist - @seanphelpslife


A man that gives good hair, designs clothes AND can teach us yoga? Sign us up. Yup, travelling yogi Sean Phelps is a man that can apparently do it all. And he works a trilby better than Brooklyn Beckham.



The Lovable Rogue- @theyogimatt


Winning the prize for most ingenious Instagram name, Matt Giordano is the everyman yogi with a sassy sense of humour. Bringing a cheeky grin to his downward dog, we’re all about Matt’s less serious approach to extreme yoga.



The Extreme Sports Lover - @jacobmanningyoga


The tonkest yogi we’ve ever seen, Californina yoga teacher Jacob Manning is maybe the only reason we’d ever have to describe someone as buff. That’s probably down to the extra snowboarding, wrestling,football, baseball…the list goes on. The man is a machine.



The Beach Bum - @kestyoga


Before we say anything else about uber yogi Jonah Kest, we’d like to thank him for bringing the phrase ‘Om’bassador’ into our lives. Truly, we’ll be appointing ourselves Om’bassadors no end now. Other than that, the man is a true pro when it comes to rocking out a warrior pose on the beach. Gnarly.



The Irish One - @mageesy


‘Finally! A hot male yogi that isn’t from LA!’, we hear you cry. We know. Born and bred in our own fair isles, Irish Chris Magee describes himself as a yogi, ninja and sometimes actor. Intrigued? So are we.



Living free of expectations. . . . 📷 by @typhilly

A post shared by Dov Samuel Vargas (@yogivaruna) on


The Inventor - @yogivaruna


Being a hot male yogi isn’t just about being ridiculously flexible, having a fellow yogi girlfriend and working your way around the best beaches in the world, no, it’s also about being an entrepeneur. Enter Dov Samuel Vargas aka founder of the YogaWheel. A nifty circular tool perfect for smashing out those more challenging poses, the YogaWheel is every yogi’s ultimate accessory.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the dudes above, they ruddy love it.

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