The utlimate running tips for long distance and marathons

Our resident MaratHUN, Josh Newis-Smith in training for the London Marathon

1. Do not underestimate the motivational power of S Club 7's Reach

Sprinting your heart out on a treadmill with the 'hunks dat lift' as a landscape is one thing. Running multiple miles outdoors, come rain or shine, is another. There are, after all a million and one other (and critically more exciting) things you could be doing. Anyone who tells you that running long distances isn't dull is a full on liar and they probably told you previously they don't enjoy chips. SO the way to combat against this is to get a sensational play list. My track triple? The A-Z of the great divas like Cher, Tina and errr S Club 7! Never underestimate the motivational prowess of Reach. Need more to keep you going? Pretend you are in a music video. Air grabs work wonders for one's soul but as I have learnt strangers on the hard core running routes of Battersea don't appreciate it so much.

S Club 7 provide the ultimate running play list

2. Your trainers may fast track you to babe town but...

... "fashion trainers" (sorry to sound like my Nan) are bad for your body plus there's nothing better for you than a pair of Adidas Ultra Boosts- I mean if they are good enough for Karlie Kloss, they are good enough for us mere mortals. Before you attempt any running whatsoever go for a giat test, where some kind chap checks out your running style and gives you the sneakers to best support your body. The general rule for trainers is: the uglier they are, the better equipped they are for running. Adidas pushed this notion right off the track. Others don't.

Ultimate gym kit from Karlie Kloss

3. Pump up the protein...

The idea of taking protein supplements filled me with horror at first. I wasn't trying to be as hench as The Rock so why should I drink something that isn't actually chocolate but tastes "just like it." But running your pins to the bone means you need all the ruddy help you can get. Those bones and ligaments need all the muscle they can get so this is where Neat Nutrition-the lux supplement supplier-comes in. Their shakes will help your body out post work out, push that summer toning along and their Recovery tablets will give your body some extra TLC. It does indeed come in a chocolate flavour as well but it does genuinely taste "just like it." Plus it also comes in like a totally vegan version. Chic.

Neat Nutrition

4. Social media slows you down...

...but I am a firm believer in the mantra, "if it's not on Instagram it didn't happen." Plus if you have invested in a new gym kit you have got to show off the threads. I have however lost hours of my life in the last four months taking pre, during and post running selfies. But a girl has got to do what a girls got to do. Any way if you are suffering on a run, documenting it on snapchat is a justifiable excuse for a break.

Ultimate running instagram tips

5. Hot coaches help too...

...mix up the training with mid week spinning at Boom Cycle to the dulcet tones of Craig David,  a casual Grid Lean class at Virgin Active OR just get yourself a personal trainer for an extra ermmm what should we call it, "push." The Coach Kevin also of Virgin Active fame comes HIGHLY recommended. Exhibit A, below. Go forth and like girls, you know you want to.

Coach Kevin, hot, personal trainers

6. Do it for a charity... is tough but it is rewarding even if it takes a long time to feel the results. BUT running for a charity is the greatest reward of all. I decided to run the London Marathon for Cancer Research after my cousin kicked Cancer to the curb last year and seeing my sponsorship total steadily rise during training was an extra bonus.

Cancer research uk

7. People will call you a running bore...

... but let's get real, they are just well jealous of that banging new bod. "Soz not soz. And yes babes, these are genuine rock hard abs and I will see you at the pool come summer." *clicks fingers in a circular motion*

Buckingham Palace is the ultimate running route

8. It's not sexy, at all…

Some people soil themselves, others are lucky just to get away from bleeding nipples. Just dust yourself down before taking your victory picture. My pose of choice? Biting the medal in a seductive manner.

Josh trains in Adidas Running Clothing and Trainers, at Virgin Active using Neat Protein.

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Sponsor Josh's London Marathon run for Cancer Research UK here.