London Marathon 2015: Henry Holland Shares His Training Dos And Don'ts...

London Marathon 2015: Henry Holland Shares His Training Dos And Don'ts...

With just over a month to go until the London Marathon runners hits the streets on April 26th, fashion designer Henry Holland tells us how he's been getting ready for the big race...

Do you have a special running diet?
Unfortunately not – I don't have a kitchen at the moment so it’s hard to stick to a regime. I tend to eat a lot more I know that much.

Have you got a favourite route to run around London?
I circle Victoria Park as I like knowing how far I have left to go! It might seem boring, but it helps

What's on your running playlist?
Anything I know the words to and can sing along. Sometimes it’s an issue trying to run at the same pace when I have such a varied playlist though. 

Who are you raising money for and why?
Cancer Research UK because it’s an amazing cause and one that has touched me and my family. This year Cancer Research UK is the official charity for the Virgin Money London Marathon and I’ll be part of their biggest ever team of runners which is exciting.

What's the best motivational advice you've received – and what would you tell others to keep them going?
I am very competitive and have friends who have run faster than me since I did it last. My real motivation comes from beating them and their times and also the fact that I need to beat myself! I’m also hugely motivated by the charity I am running for and the money I'm raising.

What has been the hardest bit about training? 
Making sure you don't have a hangover Saturday OR Sunday morning – sometimes it feels unfair!

What do you wear to run in – any sportswear must-haves?
Compression socks are a definite must have – when you are running that much it can really hurt.

What's the first thing you'll do when you cross the finishing line?
Drink an isotonic drink to avoid crippling cramp and then go for a massage!

Have you got any tips for anyone else running the marathon? 
1. Slowly build up time on your feet. Don't focus so much on distance just build up the time you spend running.
2. Buy loads of new gear – sometimes it’s the only way to motivate myself! Buy a fancy new pair of shorts or a fully reflective jacket
3. Eat right, you can really tell if you have eaten crap all day as the effort is much harder.
4. Get a good GPS watch – the last time I did a marathon my GPS was telling me lies! It really didn't help.

Henry is running the Virgin Money London Marathon this year for Cancer Research UK to help raise vital funds to beat cancer sooner. To support Cancer Research UK’s biggest ever marathon team and help raise £2.5 million, visit

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