Life Milestones: How Do You Measure Up?

Life Milestones: How Do You Measure Up?

New research suggests we should be engaged at 25, own our first flat at 27 and have our first baby at 28...

Life milestones: most of us have them, right? Whether it's the age at which you want to get married or buy your first home, nearly all of us have a ballpark figure in our heads of when we'd like that to happen. But, if you're anything like us, you decided on these when you were much younger; before you had any idea about how the world actually works, because you were only 16 and your mum was still making you a packed lunch every day and the only time you'd ever heard the word mortgage was on a TV advert while you waited for Hollyoaks to come on.

So, with that in mind, we suggest you take new research – which reveals the most common 25 life milestones (25? we thought there were about four) and the ages by which we "should" have achieved them – with a pinch of salt. Because, depending on where you are with your own milestones and how much you care about them, this could make for slightly depressing reading.

According to the 1,585 adults (aged between 16 and 65) surveyed by Amigo Loans, we should have all had our first kiss by 15, moved out of home by 22 and got engaged by 25. Years 27 to 28 look hectic to say the least, with getting married, buying your first flat and having your first child all on the agenda. Weirdly, it's at age 30 that we should be starting to earn the average wage, so we're not entirely sure who's paid for the wedding and the house. Clearly all of those surveyed must live outside London... or be really good at budgeting.

At 34 we should be a manager at work, by 36 enjoying two holidays a year and be retiring at 60. Sure, good luck with that... 

Of course, the research fails to recognise that marriage, house-buying, career and kids aren't the only things by which many of us measure success. And the idea of having an age by which we "should" have done something is outdated to say the least.

But just remember as you start having palpitations that you're nowhere near getting that buying-to-let property by the time your 40: life is about far more than ticking off a check list…

Your life, in milestones:

First kiss: 15
First full time job: 19
Pass driving test: 20
First holiday with friends: 21
Move out/ rent with friends: 22
Buy first car: 22
First holiday with partner: 23
Be a bridesmaid /best man: 23
Rent on your own: 24
Get engaged: 25
Rent with partner: 25
Get married: 27
Buy first flat: 27
Have first child: 28
First house: 29
Start earning average wage: 30
Second child: 31
Buy a brand new car: 32
Become a manager at work: 34
Think about starting /start a business: 35
Move to second house: 36
Start enjoying two holidays per year: 36
Start earning 40k: 37
Look at buying / buy property to let: 39
Retire: 60

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