Your Best Legs Ever... In 30 Seconds

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In this instalment of the 'Best Ever… In 30 Seconds' series, we're tackling legs

InStyle’s Fashion Director Arabella Greenhill has enlisted the help of personal trainer to the stars Gregory Gray (although he is far too discreet to say which of the A-list he works with) to devise a series of exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime, with no equipment, props or other paraphernalia. It's just about you and using your own body.

For this instalment of 'Best Ever... In 30 Seconds' we’re tackling legs. So read on, and watch the video above, for the best leg toning exercises you can do at home. 

‘I have always been lucky enough to have skinny legs but they had no shape,’ says Arabella.

‘Since I started training with Gregory Gray, I now have stronger and more defined leg muscles. Not quite a Victoria Secret model yet, but working on it.'

She adds: ‘According to Greg, legs are one of the largest muscle groups in the body, so if you want to burn fat train legs.’

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So here goes…

For the effective leg exercises you can do at home, follow these steps:

1. Forward Lunge
5 on the right side
5 on the left side
Top tip: Keep your knee over your ankle and no further.

2. Reverse Lunge
5 on the right side
5 on the left side
Top tip: Place your hands on your hips for stability

3. Side Step Squat
5 each on alternate side
Top tip: Add in as many reps of the exercise as you like

4. And you’re done

To tone the legs add as many reps of the exercise in the video above as you like. Rest in between sets for 10 seconds. Make sure you keep your knee over your heel and that it doesn’t extend over the toe.

Greg says, ‘If you push through your heels you will activate your glutes and take the strain off your knees. More bang for your butt.’ Sounds good to us!

Exercise by @gregorygraypt
Outfit by @SweatyBetty
Hair and make up by @niki_black_hairstylist

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