Kourtney Kardashian On The Pudding She Eats For Breakfast + How She #EatsClean

Kourtney Kardashian On The Pudding She Eats For Breakfast + How She #EatsClean

Kourtney Kardashian’s diet isn’t as bad as it seems…

Kourtney Kardashian is known for being the health-conscious Kardashian. Organic? She’s on it. Gluten-free? She’s got it down. And did you know she doesn’t even keep her food in plastic containers? It’s glass all the way (so there’s no dodgy chemicals). She even influenced sister Khloe Kardashian’s diet

Now, the all-organic-everything mum of three is opening up to PopSugar about what her family really eat, and it’s actually not as awful as you might expect (it’s got nothing on Gisele’s diet…). Could you?

Taking Tips From A Brazilian
Kourtney K shares our avocado obsession. When pregnant, Kourtney’s Brazilian baby nurse was eating avocado pudding one day, and ever since, Kourt’s eaten it every single day for breakfast. Apparently the dish is a famous Brazilian thing, and although Kourt ‘can’t take credit’, she’s spread the word so much it’s all anyone asks her about. Due to popular demand, there's a recipe on her app...


You guys have been asking, so here it is again. AVOCADO PUDDING RECIPE. On my app. #LinkInBio

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Giving Up Dairy
Yes, going vegan is great for your skin (you can read more about the beauty benefits of going vegan here), and Kourtney’s new doctor knows it: ‘We all have allergies to it. Which is not something that I think any of us had noticed, but then I keep hearing so many people keep saying you're not really supposed to have dairy after you're a year old…’. Kourtney admits she has had dairy every once in a while, but on the whole, it’s dairy-free all the way. 



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Going Gluten Free
Kourtney says being gluten-free is really hard, especially for the kids. If you think about the amount of cookies, cake and other snack treats children eat, you can imagine why P might not understand why she can’t eat what all her BFFs can. 


Making The Change
…but Kourtney has started figuring out what she can and can’t eat, including gluten-free bakeries that sell chocolate chip cookies ‘so we’re not totally missing out’. When it comes to dairy, it’s ‘easy to replace’.  ‘There are so many milk options and cheese options. That hasn't been as hard’


See? Kourt is totally the most underrated Kardashian sister, and these Kourtney Kardashian quotes prove it...


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