This Addictive Food App Lets You See What Celebrities Are Really Eating

This Addictive Food App Lets You See What Celebrities Are Really Eating

Are you on it yet?

Are you the sort of person who follows foodies on Instagram and can't eat an #avotoast or a salted caramel doughnut without sharing a carefully filtered snap of it first? Well this brilliant new food app will be right up your street. 

Called WineNDine, it's essentially Instagram minus the additional pictures of cats, shoes and sunsets. As the name would suggest the app is given over completely to food.

Users of WineNDine can share photographs to their followers of what they're eating and where, but you can also store up dishes you fancy eating yourself on your 'Want to Try' list - a little like a foodie version of Trip Advisor. 

The app is already proving a hit with some pretty high profile A-list names. Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian are already users, along with Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella. Kim shares pictures of her food under the username KimKardashianWest while Kendall posts under the slightly more cryptic Kenny The Chef.

And if you think it's wall-to-wall wheatgrass smoothies, spiralized courgette and piles of organic steamed vegetables then you'd be wrong. If the pictures they're sharing are anything to go by, Kim and Kendall are both very much into the carbs. Kim's posts include a giant tray of macaroni cheese, a hearty dish of ribs and what looks like a fried hunk of bread - so no gluten-free diet for her.

Meanwhile Gigi Hadid clearly enjoys a bit of a carb fest too, sharing pictures of Doritos, giant burgers and bowls of spaghetti.

Where exactly do they put it? 

If you want to get involved for a bit of foodie inspiration (or you just want to know what the Kim Kardashian is having for her dinner) you can download WineNDine from the app store.

Word to the wise though, it'll make you very hungry. 

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