Kettlebells: How To Perfect Your Technique With Richard Tidmarsh

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Kicking off our weekly workout video series, Richard Tidmarsh talks us through how to use kettlebells for a total-body resistance and cardio workout...

Kettlebells, they look pretty simple to use right? But if you've ever picked up one of the cannonball weights in the gym you'll know they're actually pretty complicated to master. Well, not anymore. Richard Tidmarsh from Reach Fitness has given us his technique for perfecting a kettleball swing plus for those a bit more familiar with the cast iron weights a step by step guide on how to do the perfect figure of eight. With benefits ranging from improved posture to weight loss they're well worth incorporating into your fitness routine. No wonder Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel and Jennifer Aniston are massive fans. Watch the video above for happy and injury free swinging.

Check back on Thursday to see the next installment from Rich and don't forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram via @RichTidmarsh

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