Kate Hudson Has A Very Cheap And Easy Way To Keep Fit

Kate Hudson Has A Very Cheap And Easy Way To Keep Fit

Want to know how Kate Hudson whips that killer body into shape? Hint: you might have done this when you were in school...

She has one of the most toned bodies in the Hollywood hills, with abs so flat you could serve champagne off them.

But thankfully Kate Hudson has always made it very clear that a lot of work goes into looking this good.

A sworn fitness enthusiast, when we interviewed her in Febuary she told us a love of exercise stems from her upbringing. “I grew up with all brothers and always felt like I had to keep up with them." she told us. "My family is very sporty - my dad was a baseball player and my mum started out as a dancer so family time was about riding bikes, roller-blading, ice-skating or skiing. We were always outside and active as a family and it had a big impact on me as I got older.”  


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In July last year Kate even launched her very own affordable sportswear line Fabletics - the leggings retail at around £30 so it's definitely worth checking out if you want to ramp up your gym wardrobe.

She has also worked with the same personal trainer, celeb favourite Nicole Stuart, for fifteen years. And while she loves a spot of pilates and boxing to keep herself toned, Stuart has revealed that her other favourite way to keep fit is far simpler and cheaper than that - and will take you all the way back to childhood.


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Kate is apparently a big fan of skipping. According to Stuart, she even keeps a rope in her handbag so when she has a spare 20 minutes she can whip it out for a quick burst of cardio.

While it sounds like a fun way to work out, fitness experts claim it really does have huge benefits. According to the British Rope Skipping Association, 10 minutes of skipping can have the same effect on your fitness as a 45-minute run. If you carry on for an hour you'll burn up to 1300 calories. It's also great for toning, as the stabilising needed to keep going works out your core too.

So that thing you used to do in the playground is also a great workout technique.

And if it's going to give us a bod as hot as Kate's - or at least anywhere near that - then we're most definitely in.



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