Rosemary Ferguson is an expert on juicing

We're liking Rosemary's juice style

Juice detoxes are absolutely everywhere at the moment, promising a flatter stomach, clearer skin and a better life in general, all thanks to a handful of kale and a blitz in the blender. Whether you’re a juice cleanse convert or are a Nutibullet novice (check out these Nutribullet recipes for inspo), there’s one woman you need to be looking up to. Meet Rosemary Ferguson, lifelong juicer and author of Juice: Cleanse. Heal. Revitalise: 100 Nourishing Recipes and Simple Juice Fasts.

Want to know how to heal a hangover or the quickest way to beat the bloat? Rosemary gave us the lowdown on the ingredients you should stock up on, as well as debunking the myth that fruit juice is a sugary sin. Rosemary, we’re listening… 

So when did you start juicing?
I was juicing when I lived in New York 20-something years ago. I was trying to go to yoga and I was doing the gym. If you go to America now, they have cold-pressed juice in every corner shop.

Is the UK catching on?
I think it is changing slightly, you can buy cold-pressed juices online now, but I’ve always done it at home.

Have you always juiced?
I’ve always done it, ever since I can remember. I remember when the juicer shoots were much smaller so you had to cut everything up, the motor would burn out constantly… With the big funnels now you don’t have to cut anything.   

First off all, what kit should we have in the kitchen?
I’ve been through a few, but at the moment I’ve got the Sage one and I like it a lot. I do have an Omega masticating juicer, so I use that sometimes if I’m doing a wheat-grass-y type of juice.

How much should we invest in a good juicer?
It depends how much and what you’re going to juice. If you want to juice a whole beetroot, or limes with their skins on, which can be quite testing for a juicer, then I think you might as well invest – you’ll end up buying four cheaper ones when you could buy one better quality one for the same price. It’s all about the speed of the motor.

Do you think people are put off from juicing because it’s messy?
Someone on my Instagram actually commented the other day “it takes so long to juice”, but another commenter said “for god’s sake, it takes five minutes to clean a juicer”. That’s a good point! It seems like this whole thing is time-consuming, but you can whack it into the dishwasher, and just give it a really good clean every other day.

Do you like fruity drinks?
I love a bit of ginger and lime. My daughters make smoothies and they always make them very fruity. I think with juicing it’s better to try and get more vegetables in there.

Because fruits are too sugary?
Everyone says fruits are so full of sugar, but you just have it with a bag of nuts or something. Because a fruity juice is high in sugar, it hits the bloodstream really fast, but if you put some fibre in it then it slows the absorption into your body down. You will need a little bit of fruit in there to get a good balance and to sweeten your juice, because some of the green juice can be too much for people.

Are frozen fruits ok to use?
It’s a really good idea, because some people just don’t have the fridge space. You can get organic, locally picked frozen berries all year round, plus they’re cheaper and don’t have the air-miles on them, if that’s something that concerns you.

What can ruin a juice?
One of the things I think can kill a juice is kale or cavolo nero.

Cavolo what?!
It’s a type of kale, it’s actually a better one to juice with because it’s not as dry.

So what would you recommend for fatigue in a juice?
Fatigue and stress are quite similar, so for nourishment of the nervous system you need B-vitamins that help you make energy. You find them in greens, like parsley. And then you’d have to look at the liver because your liver cleans your body, and if it’s struggling, you need to chivvy it up with things like spirulina powder to cleanse that.

What’s spirulina, again?
It’s a blue green algae. You use lemon to make it taste nice (which is a great detoxifier), or just don’t overdo it. You don’t need very much, just a teaspoon. Papaya’s really helpful with that too, and pineapple.

What juice would you recommend for bloating?
There’s one in my book called Bloat Away, it’s got fennel and ginger, they’re really good for bloating. Fennel in particular is really, really good for gas. Pineapple and papaya are really good for digestion, and also - chew your food, forget the juicing!

People don’t chew enough, do they?
No, they don’t. Slow down, sit down, rest and digest. 

What if I want to do a juice detox but I’m terrified of not eating for three days?
Do it for one day for a start. It’s not meant to be torture, and actually I think it’s just mind over matter. It’s just one day, one day, let your body rest for one day and get on with what it does, because digestion takes up half of all the energy that you have. I promise you the next day, you will feel more energised.

How will we get though the night without dinner?
The evening can get tough, so just have a bowl of thin soup, something you don’t have to break down, then just sleep because you’re not going to wake up in the middle of the night starving, you really won’t.

What ingredients do we need for a one day juice cleanse?
To help the liver, I do a very green juice, with watercress, rocket and chicory – bitter herby types are really good for the liver. Then I’d make an alkalising juice with lemon and limes. Then I’d probably do something for the gut, so pineapple. It can be quite nice to have almonds, because they contain magnesium and are soothing. A bit of turmeric is really nice for a one-day juice cleanse because it’s anti-inflammatory.

What about the morning after the night before, what should I be drinking?
You’ve got a massive sugar-dip, but you shouldn’t eat sugar. Everybody wants a can of coke and a bacon sandwich, but all that does is create another sugar high. What you should be drinking are things like avocados because they’ve got good fats in them and they’re very soothing. Oats would be really good at this point because they’re very soothing to the gut lining. A spoonful of maca is brilliant because it’s very bloodsugar balancing.

Maca is a bit like Spirulina, it’s a Peruvian root powder and its brilliant for blood sugar levels. If you’re not into that sort of superfood stuff, a teaspoon of cinnamon is fantastic.

I see. We normally feel quite bloated on a hangover too.
If it’s water retention, you need to rehydrate your body. Water retention actually comes from dehydration, so things like cucumber and celery would be really helpful because it helps flush everything through. You can add some apple to make it less bitter.

Is there a juice that will encourage a flatter stomach?
You’d have to think why you’re bloated; is it gas, is it slow transit in the gut? A high fibre juice would be good, with chia seeds – they help gut transit time go faster. Aloe vera is also very soothing, it’s really good for lots of things actually.

We’ve heard a lot about chia seeds…
They’re a really brilliant source of protein, with loads of omega-3. Omega-3 comes from oily fish, mostly, but we’re very low in it. We have a lot of omega-6 in our diets, but we need the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 to be right.

What’s a great smoothie to make as a lunch substitute?
You need to make it substantial, so you would definitely need to have seeds or nuts in there; chia or flax seeds are great because they’re bulkier. You could have sprouted seeds but they’re quite bitter, sprouted sunflower seeds are nice. Avacados are great, spinach, lemon, a bit of broccoli or parsley, and almond milk or coconut water to make a really nice combination. But if you have a really good blender, you can make smoothies out of beetroots, carrots, all sorts, it’s more like a gazpacho really.

I’m feeling anxious, what juice would you recommend?
You need things like a magnesium heavy juice, and a B-vitamin juice, so spinach would be good, and it would be nice to do it with almond milk and pumpkin seeds. Spinach has also got lots of iron in it, so it helps your oxygen levels in your body, it helps you feel more energetic, less stressed and more able to cope with life.

Juice: Cleanse. Heal. Revitalise: 100 Nourishing Recipes and Simple Juice Fasts by Rosemary Ferguson is out now. Rosemary is represented by Storm Artists.