Juice Cleanses: What Do They Actually Do?

Juice Cleanses: What Do They Actually Do?
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Want to get rid of some of that Winter blubber? We quizzed juicing expert and founder of Fruveju, Vanessa Valdez, on the benefits of trying a juice cleanse.

Juice cleanses have been widely touted as the quickest way to lose the bloat, but there's evidence that they're also great for energy levels, skin and even the immune system.

Celebrities including Kate Hudson, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr are all fans of drinking pressed juices. But how do they actually work and why are they apparently so good for you?

To find out, we quizzed juicing expert and founder of Fruveju, Vanessa Valdez, on the benefits of trying a juice cleanse.

So why should we try a juice cleanse?
"Toxins are everywhere – from the air we breathe to the foods we indulge in, as well as in the caffeine and alcohol we drink. All of these toxins are a burden on our bodies.  Over time, these toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances such as aches, fatigue, depression, poor digestion and weight gain. Juice cleanses provide a break from these toxins while simultaneously flooding the body with nutrition."

If we've never done one before, what's a good entry level juice cleanse to try?
"I would recommend a 3-day cleanse for first timers, but if you want to dip your toes in the water first, then I suggest trying the Fruveju 1-day Explore Cleanse. This is a gentle and a great introduction to those who want to explore cleansing. Ideal for people who eat whatever they want whenever they want, but are also looking to give their bodies a rest. It’s designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings and kickstart a healthy diet, free from processed foods."

How should we expect to feel during a juice cleanse? 
"As everybody is different, everybody has a different experience. For the first day you may experience headaches, fatigue and irritability. These symptoms are letting you know that your body is working hard to get itself back into balance.  Symptoms are your friends so don’t worry, it will pass and you will feel amazing on your last day!"  

What does it do to our bodies? 
"Digestion requires a lot of energy and giving your digestive system a break even for one day can be very restful. Drinking 6kgs of fresh raw produce will do something.  There are many benefits including strengthening the immune system, sharpening the mental senses, and generally giving the body a regular break."

What are the long term health benefits of juice cleanses? 
"The majority of people who have cleansed regularly comment on benefits such as glowing skin, clear eyes, clarity of mind, positive mood, improved digestion, eliminating cravings for sugar or starch, an overall sense of well-being and weight loss. It’s also good to know that cleansing is a great way to influence weight-loss and transition your dietary habits. If you can give your system the kick start that it needs, you can then maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle for longer.  If you don’t take out the trash at your house, it will pile up, attract pests, and quickly become a problem. And so it is with the body. Everyone needs a spring clean now and then." 

How many times a year do you recommend doing one?
"I suggest that you do a juice cleanse seasonally but ideally for 3 days once a month to maintain vitality, energy levels and for general well-being. When the body is freed of toxic overload it can function at an optimal level."


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