Jessica Alba's Step-By-Step Workout Video Is The ULTIMATE Fitness Inspo

Jessica Alba's Step-By-Step Workout Video Is The ULTIMATE Fitness Inspo
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Because who doesn't want Jessica's sculpted tum, toned pins and pert bum?

Jessica Alba has got it all, hasn't she? An acting career that just won't quit, a handsome hubby, adorable kids, a $1billion company that she's casually the co-founder of and that's all BEFORE we get to her amazing physique. 

Never gaunt and verging on 'too thin', we got to applaud the 33-year-old A-lister for managing to hold onto her sexy, womanly curves while sculpting her body to peak physical condition; something every woman that's ever been to the gym, nipped out for a jog or simply watches what she eats will tell you is no small feat. 

We're not going to lie — we were totally boggled at how she's able to juggle so many important roles (professional and private) and still keep her body looking as hot as it does. 

That was until she gave us a sneak peek at her go-hard or go-home workout regime; now we know looking that toned doesn't come easy. 

In her latest Instagram share, Jessica showed her fans and followers — us included — exactly what it takes to keep her figure lean and strong by letting her personal trainer film her whilst she was torching those calories away. 

Captioning the shot: 'My #lifer @rrari_5000 and I go hard w@omarrlopez in #Thailand #makinmoviesabroad#mechanicresurrection', Jessica isn't messing around... 

The film shows Jess take on thigh-busting squats, yoga positions, leg crunches and mountain climbers while using weights and kettlebells. At the SAME TIME. 

We told you it was tough. Even so, for a bod like Jessica's, we'll definitely be cracking out the yoga mat and giving this intense workout a go tonight. Care to join? 

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