J-Lo’s 90 Calorie Breakfast, Plus How To Get THAT Body

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Jennifer Lopez has revealed how she keeps THAT body in shape, and it’s not as punishing as you might think. Here’s how…

With a body like that, you’d think Jennifer Lopez had a pretty punishing diet and exercise plan, right? In fact, Jenny from the block has a few simple rules that we can all follow, and spilled them to Us Weekly. Find out how she keeps those famous curves in shape right here…

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Breakfast. J Lo drinks a 90 calorie chocolate shake from Body Lab, mixing it with quinoa milk or water.
2. Caffeine is out; “I drink coffee, but it’s decaf. I haven’t had caffeine in years”. 
3. For lunch? J Lo says she’s “starving”, so usually eats salmon and a veggie packed salad. Her favourites include broccoli, peppers, courgettes, drizzled with vinaigrette. 
4. Dinner is a mix of protein and quinoa; “it feels like rice and beans, which I grew up with”.
5. J Lo’s favorite meats are pork and chicken, “especially Puerto Rican style!”
6. The table is set around 6.30, as Jen likes to eat with her two children, Emme and Maximilian.

Jennifer stays out of the sun, but slaps on the sunscreen if she is outside. “I’ve never been one to take a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself”. Find a good moisturiser with an SPF here.
8. Jenny doesn’t drink or smoke, either as “that really wrecks your skin when you get older”.
9. She gets way more sleep than most of us can even dream of: “I love a good nine or 10 hours, but I can never get that. So seven or eight is mandatory”. If she doesn’t, “I just don’t feel right. I start feeling crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all the time”.

J Lo prefers to work out in the morning; “it’s harder to get there when I have my day going already”
11. She hits the gym three or four times a week…
12. With two different trainers.  David Kirsch in New York, and Tracy Anderson in LA (read more about how Tracy gets Jennifer Lopez's body in shape here). Jen notes “I like the balance that they both give me. They have two totally different approaches.”
13. Jen likes switching up the routine when it comes to her body, but likes planks, pushups and boxing in New York.
14. In LA? Tracy says they freestyle their training, including 3-pound arm weights with “butt and thigh moves that incorporate the core. We want to keep those famous curves”.

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