Protein Powder, Mayo And Lean Carbonara: How To Diet Like Jennifer Aniston

Protein Powder, Mayo And Lean Carbonara: How To Diet Like Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s diet includes eggs – and lots of them. Here’s what she loves to eat for breakfast, and her surprising diet secrets

How does Jennifer Aniston start her day? We’re picturing Californian sunshine streaming across the pillow, before Jen and Justin pad down to their (presumably all-white) kitchen for Instagrammable avocados on toast.

Now, Jen has revealed what she actually eats for breakfast, and we’re not far off. Speaking to Bon Appétit magazine, it’s all about the protein when it comes to starting the day the Aniston way. Here’s how, plus Jennifer Aniston’s diet secrets:

1. Jen’s first option for breakfast is a smoothie, full of “bananas, cherries, a protein powder of some sort, almonds, cacao powder, and all sorts of other weird antioxidant stuff I can’t remember—with almond milk”. Don't worry Jen, we've got the exact recipe...

Handful of ice
225ml chocolate almond milk
200g frozen cherries
1 scoop vegan protein powder, ­cocoa flavor
1/2 tablespoon maca powder
1/4 tablespoon trace mineral drops
1/2 frozen banana
Handful of blueberries
2-3 drops of chocolate Stevia
5 sprouted almonds

Place liquids in first, followed by solids. Blend, and enjoy!

A smoothie is an easy breakfast to grab and go, still filled with nutrients and all that good stuff that’ll start your day off the healthy way. If you’re looking for some inspo, check out our Nutribullet recipes to whizz up throughout the week. Jennifer Aniston’s diet includes a lot of protein, too, which she packs in with a powder. Shop our round-up of the best protein powders on the market.

2. The second breakfast option? “Eggs over-easy”. In British English, that means it’s fried on both sides, but the yolk stays runny. Jen cracks eggs “into a bowl and I’ll add a white or two into that and pour it all into the pan to get more protein sans too much yolkage”.

To make this a filling breakfast, Jennifer adds the eggs to avocado toast, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and pepper. These new mini avocados would be perfect for this recipe.

3. The third breakfast option is one you’re probably eating already, with an added protein-packed ingredient. Jen loves “oatmeal with egg whites whipped into it right at the end”.

4. To wash it all down, Jen limits herself to one cup of coffee a day – unlike Gisele, who skips caffeine altogether in her diet plan.

And for the rest of the day?

5. Jennifer’s fridge is packed with turmeric roots right now, and a yam, although the reason is unclear…

6. And when Jennifer is feeling peckish later in the day? “Homemade, really good, fluffy-crispy tortilla chips” are a firm favourite, dipped in guacamole when they’re trying to stay at least a little bit nutritional. If they’re not, salsa, every time. 

7. Jen also spilled on the best meal she ate in 2015, which was a “lean mean carbonara” made with fresh bacon. Jen’s signature recipe includes eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, red onion and garlic. With “no cream, no butter, no oil, no nothing”. 

8. Her favourite meal as a child? Jen’s childhood pick is pretty surprising, considering the health kick she’s been on for the past few years; “Mayo. When I was a kid, one of my delicacies was white bread with a generous amount of mayonnaise”.

9. Jennifer Aniston also spilled on her love of tacos (“a meaty taco with beans and guac”, to be precise). No wonder she’s “riveted” by the taco cleanse

Will Jen inspire you to switch up your daily Cornflake routine? We need some eggs, first… 

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