Is Social Media Keeping You Sober?

Is Social Media Keeping You Sober?

This UK think tank seems to think so...

This one goes out to anyone who's posted a selfie of themselves twerking with 'santa' at the office Christmas party after one too many tequila shots. Only...Hold the smartphones...It's not santa, you realise after waking up fully-clothed in your sequins around 12pm the next day and logging into Instagram. It's Dave from accounts.

According to a recent survey by a UK think tank, the above scenario is perhaps only a little bit exaggerated from truth. It actually turns out there are quite a few of us who would rather not even risk posting any embarassing selfies after a few drinks. So much so that many young people are now rejecting alcohol altogether in favour of protecting their social media profile.

According to a report from Demos, a leading UK think tank, 19% of 16-24-year-olds don’t drink, and 66% claim that alcohol is not important to their social lives.

As the Independent rightly pointed out today, these figures echo figures from the Office of National Statistics that state that 27% of 16-24 year-olds now claim to be teetotal.

According to Demos, a major contributing factor is social media, with four out of ten youngsters they polled citing it as a reason.

Quoted in the Independent, Ian Wybron, co-author of the report, explains their findings:

'Overall, 42 per cent of the young people we surveyed felt that the Internet and platforms such as Facebook have given young people more things to fill their time.'

He added: 'What's more, 29% of young people cited concerns about their online reputations as contributing to the decline in youth alcohol consumption - showing an increasing awareness of the 'shareability' of social media could be encouraging them to steer away from excessive drinking,'

Which begs the question: are we taking social media too seriously or is it time to log out?

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