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Will Kim K be affected by Instagram's update? Probably not...


Oh dear. THAT Instagram update.

No doubt about it, Instagram are having an absolute howler of a week...

Now, unless you are blogger or seasoned Insta pro, you might not understand quite why EVERYONE is freaking out right now, but believe us when we say that people are seriously annoyed – and for good reason.

The first bit of trouble started brewing on the Insta-horizon when the announcement was made that the app was planning to change it’s algorithm, ultimately resulting in the way we view our posts.

Don’t be scared by the tech jargon – in a nutshell, this change within Instagram’s hotwiring basically means that rather than your feed being sorted chronologically, the stream of images will now be organized based on the ‘likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post’.

Or in other words, Instagram will show you what THEY want you to see, and when it will appear in your feed.

Hmm. Now when you put it like that Instagram…

Of course, this change won’t affect the Instagrammers at the top of the social media food chain (the Kardashians, et al), but small businesses and bloggers are obviously feeling the pressure as essentially this change can mean that their posts are lost in a sea of celeb selfies, brunches and pugs wearing cute jackets.

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Instagrammers are urging their followers to turn on their push notifications to safeguard snaps, but of course, the flipside of that little switch will result in users being inundated with messages. Which as you know, is a wee bit annoying. 

So yeah, people are PRETTY vexed about the whole thing.

And as of Monday, these Instagram problems just seem to be snowballing. It’s come to light in the last few days that users are now having problems logging out of the app on mobile devices, although it’s not yet been confirmed quite how this bug has manifested itself. Users are of course being assured that the glitch is being investigated, but it appears that Instagrammers are losing the faith.

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Is the Insta-affair well and truly over? Watch this space…