5 Life Situations Where An Instaban Is 100% Legit

5 Life Situations Where An Instaban Is 100% Legit

Gigs, weddings, births... sometimes you need to just step away from the social media

Effecting a social media ban — or Instaban — at important life events is fast becoming a trend, and for very good reason.

We can't imagine there's anything more disheartening than spending months designing your dream wedding ceremony, only to have every single one of your guests watch proceedings through a Samsung Galaxy screen, and (even worse) posting the snaps to Instagram before you've even had the chance to say 'I do'.

And as much as we love our pregnant friends, seeing a boomerang of them experiencing chronically painful birthing contractions isn't really what we want to be looking at during our Monday morning commute now is it?

So, in honour of keeping some things sacred, here are 5 life situations where we think calling an Instaban is kind of ok...

1. Weddings
There has been a trend recently for guests to refrain from using social media at weddings, purely because the bride and groom would like people to enjoy the day rather than Instagramming the absolute bejesus out of it. Which, in fairness, they are well within their rights to do. A polite Instaban can be added to your wedding invites to prepare guests for a social media shut-down. Don't enforce it all night though, people will start to riot.

2. Gigs
Now, we aren't naive enough to believe that people will ever stop using their phones at gigs — to even suggest that we'll cease using them during a Beyoncé concert is laughable — however, many bands have requested that people refrain from using their phones at their shows. I've paid to see Grimes people, not a sea of shitty iPhones.

3. Childbirth
Yes it's beautiful, yes it's natural but no. Just no. Love you babe, but don't want to see 'crowning' of any kind, any time soon.

4. Box sets
Watching a box set or TV series such as Game of Thrones en masse is a great activity, and one enjoyed by friendship groups the world over. But remember, there might be a pal not attending your Stranger Things + popcorn + beers session, for whatever reason, who doesn't want to see your *spoiler alert* social media commentary. Yep, you've ruined Christmas.

5. Sex
Ok, maybe this is more of a self-Instaban but come on guys. Yes, he may be the hottest thing this side of Tinder but we really don't need to see his furry bits...

Is calling an Instaban too harsh? Let us know your thoughts...



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