Want Toned Inner Thighs? Watch This....

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Fitness blogger Cat Meffan AKA Imperfect Matter shows us how to get perfectly toned legs...

Let's face it trying to tone the inner thighs can be a bit of a mission. You can try endless squats and spin classes but sometimes that stubborn area just won't firm. But thankfully we've found a move that actually works. And guess what you don't even need to don lycra. Taking less than 2 minutes we recommend doing it morning and evening for a couple of weeks to really reap the reward. 

The third move of the month in Adidas's #workit Summer Series fitness blogger Cat Meffan says; 'A challenging exercise doesn’t always have to come in the form of high intensity, jumping around. After doing ballet and having strong inner thighs, I really want to get them back, which this move will really help with.' 

Watch Cat demonstate how to effectively perform the move in the video above and follow the instructions below. 





Side plank with inner thigh pulse: 

Lie on your left side with right leg bent and foot on floor.

With left elbow directly under shoulder, lift hips off the floor, extend right arm toward ceiling and then pulse left leg for 30 seconds.

Repeat on the right, rest for 30 seconds and repeat another 2 times.


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