Pretty much everyone loves perusing Pinterest and Instagram for interior inspo — thinking if ONLY I could make my living space look like that… But, the thing about plants is that you actually can do it in a small flat.

They’re the perfect antidote to stressy Ldn (or any other city) life. Odds are you don’t have a garden, and if you do you never get to go in it anyway as it’s too cold or you’re not at home enough, so bringing your garden inside is the answer.

Like fishes and ornamental fountains and lava lamps, they have a pretty relaxing effect around the place (but are socially acceptable). Picture watering your plants while the kettle is boiling… Far more zen, I think you’d agree.

There are health benefits too (truly!). #1 - As you'll remember from GCSE biology, while humans inhale oxygen and release carbon dioxide — plants do the exact opposite during the day (hashtag photosynthesis). Where succulents are a major bonus is while most plants start absorbing oxygen at night, they continue releasing it. #2 - Studies show they actually ward off illness and the annoying things that come with stagnant indoor air like colds, coughs and dry skin. #3 - Particularly important for freelancers; plants make you work better as they're proven to improve concentration and productivity. And loads more things too…

Whether you’re a pot or a terrarium person, or even an edgy creeper vine, jazz up your house with some greenery and just WAIT for the dinner party complements.

It’s not unrealistically tricky to do either — Columbia Road, garden centres, flower markets… Just take a sunny Sunday and get the place spruced.

We’ve trawled the internet (so you don’t have to for ACTUALLY do-able) plant ideas indoors…



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