Hunting For A New Sports Bra? Read This First

Hunting For A New Sports Bra? Read This First

If there's one thing you need to get right when you're shopping for workout gear, it's the sports bra. We asked the team at Sweaty Betty to give us their tips on finding the perfect bra for a bounce-proof workout.

1) Measure up

This can be said for any type of bra, but many women simply don't know what their size is. If the bra is the wrong fit it won't support you properly, so make sure you get measured before buying.

2) Keep it covered

Unlike a normal bra, a sports bra needs to cover all areas of the bust - including the top - to reduce bounce around the most delicate areas.

3) Think of your sport

The intensity or type of sport will impact your body in different ways. If you're a runner you need a high impact bra to completely compress and support your bust so there is no bounce. With more gentle sports like yoga a lower impact bra would work to allow for greater movement, though remember you still need a decent amount of support when doing inversions, twisting or downward dogs.

4) If you've got a big bust

Go for a bra with wider straps and a broad underband, a higher neckline and extra support on the back - a racer back is a strong and supportive shape. If you've got a small chest you can be a little more adventurous with the shape and style.

5) Fabric is key

A good sports bra should be breathable with sweat wicking fabric which pulls moisture away from the skin and out to the garment to keep you cool and dry. 
The fabric should also have a high compression to maintain the bra's shape and give good support.

6) Don't scrimp

You generally get what you pay for. For a good sports bra you should look to spend around £40.

7) Step away from the tumble dryer

To keep the bra's shape and stretch wash it at 
40 degrees and avoid tumble drying.

8) Sports bras have a sell-by date

If you exercise regularly you should aim to buy a new sports bra every six months.

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By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia

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