Hungover At Work? Here Are 14 Ways To Get Through It Alive (And Employed)

Hungover At Work? Here Are 14 Ways To Get Through It Alive (And Employed)

Work, rather inconveniently, means you can’t ‘be home with [your] head in a toilet like all normal people’, Bridget Jones-style, so here’s how to deal with it in the office

We've all been there... Your alarm goes off and you think 'how on EARTH am I going to get through today'?!

However abstemious you are usually, occasionally you just go a little overboard. Whether a just-staying-for-one leaving 'do gets a little out of control or you just don't much fancy all parting ways when you're 'not that drunk' and having excellent chats over another bottle of the house red, it happens.

As we all know, there's a direct correlation between the importance of not appearing hungover and how hungover you actually are. Not that hungover? You can look a bit glassy-eyed and get on with it, but on the rare occasion you find yourself feeling totally horrific (whether justified or not), attempting to disguise it completely seems like the most important thing in the world. ('I'm fiiiine').

One time, in an attempt to not look hungover, a friend, against recommendation to get a full fat Coke and crisps, got a smoothie called ‘Hangover Cure’ packed with ginger and carrot and everything that you don’t want after an evening out and, to make a short story shorter, was nearly sick.

So, to help with the pardy season, we’ve spoken to nutritionists, make-up artists and general experts to find out what to do if you’re hungover at work…

  1. Wear red lipstick. If you can manage it, Alexa Chung recommends it to disguise the fact the rest of your face is probably a shade of grey.

  2. Add some Moringa Powder to your water. It sounds ridiculous but it will make it look green (= healthy) and it’s good to help your ailing body.
  3. Avoid bacon sandwiches as they do exude hangoverness, but grilled tomatoes and scrambled egg? Good. Toast and cereal is good, too - high in carbs and the easy option if you don't have time to dash to the canteen.
  4. Have a weak green tea as well as coffee, to rehydrate you as well as give you a much-needed caffeine hit.
  5. Alca-seltzer and painkillers are optional.
  6. Go into work with your hair up, as the mussed up-ness will give you away and, if you don't, you'll inevitably spend the whole day taking it down and putting it up again.
  7. Take a short walk at your lunch break (even if you're an al desko luncher, it's worth breaking the habit just for today).
  8. If you don’t fancy a lipstick, give yourself a tiny hint of pink blusher to perk up your complexion.

  9. Don’t pile on the foundation. Though it’s tempting to conceal a deathly pallor, your skin will be dryer so it will look cakey. Go for a tinted moisturiser instead.
  10. Buy lots of water.
  11. Breathe in and out in a zen yoga way. Assuming you’re feeling too ill to go to a class or do anything particularly energetic, some deep breathes are a good way to wake you up.
  12. Have a shower. It seems obvious but staying in bed for an extra 10 minutes seems so tempting, then a terrible idea when you get to work feeling disgusting.
  13. Don't try and get your diet back on track. Load up on breakfast and have a filling lunch - not unhealthy, but enough.
  14. If your eye bags are giving you away, use red lipstick to cancel out the shadows. (Sounding a little risky? Find out how in the video below.)
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