New App That Lets You Reconnect With Your Boozy #BathroomSquad

New App That Lets You Reconnect With Your Boozy #BathroomSquad

Ever wanted to thank that girl that lent you her lipstick at 2am? New app Huggle is here to help...

Picture this.

You're in a pub bathroom, you've had a few wines, and there's the cutest guy upstairs waiting to buy you a drink. But, you've caught a whiff of the old underarms and well, it's not smelling too special. Then, like an angel sent from Space N.K, a (equally squiffy) girl in the bathroom answers your plea with the lend of some deodorant, a spritz of perfume and some solid words of encouragement. But then, in a cloud of Sauv Blanc, she's gone, before you can even say thank you, or hug it out in true bathroom BFF style.

Sound familiar? Well, new social app Huggle is here to help.

Aiming to reconnect you with those wonderful randoms you meet in equally random places, Huggle works by automatically picking up the places that you've visited. Once you’ve added your current location to your list, you can then see and message all the people who have hung out there too - allowing you to finish that heart-to-heart about how you've still not gotten over One Direction, at some other point in time. Amazing.

If you are more than used to starting a sentence with 'I met this amazing girl in the kebab shop last night', then this is defintely the app for you.

So, this app got us thinking - what's the most random conversations you've ever had in a nightclub/bar toilet? Here are some of team InStyle's...

Isabella Silvers - Digital Assistant 

'I’ve definitely slagged off a lot of girls’ partners (I don’t know the girls or their partners, but if they’re crying them I’m on their side). He’s not worth it, all men are stupid…'

'Also, always love singing with the no spray no lay lady.'

Amie-Jo Locke - Digital Writer

'I once had an enlightened conversation with a random girl who told me that to meet 'the one' you have to just stop being a 'precious bitch'... whilst handing me toilet roll under the loo partition. She then went on to explain that her husband was the guy who'd been her 'rock' for years. 'He'd been there the whole time,' she told me, 'right under my nose. Then one day I realised I couldn't live without him.' We both had a cry, ,shared a sneaky cigarette, and proclaimed we'd be pals forever. That night, that woman was Love Goals personified. Loved her.'

George Driver - Beauty Writer

Only two experiences stand out:

1. '(And this goes for almost all of my slightly drunken toilet encounters) A poor girl made the mistake of asking about my lipstick – cue me ranting at her for half an hour about the benefits of a matte finish red lipstick vs a satin on a night out. Regret all round.'

2. 'At uni in the campus club, nicknamed The Venvi (its full name was the The Venue, not a particularly inspired nickname tbh) on a friend’s birthday night out which was My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding themed. I wore a neon pink body con dress, the most fake tan I’ve ever worn in my life and my hair scraped to one side with full crispy curls. A few drinks in I obviously forgot what I looked like until I was in the toilet and saw in the mirror a girl properly evil staring at me. I explained that it was for a costume and she said, ‘Thank god, I thought you’d actually decided to wear that out seriously.’ In a weird turn of events I felt quite defensive of my new Gypsy looks.'

Zoe Newsome - Acting Producer and Bookings Editor

'I've helped a girl rinse the red wine from her white top before - it was a disaster zone, didn't really make it better but mopped up her tears and sent her back out to the dance floor.'

Georgia Allen - Junior Designer

'A girl lost her ring down the plug hole of the sink – cue drunk plumber me on the floor with my pants on show, sitting in god knows what, trying to unscrew the pipes to get to the U bend where we all hoped the ring would be. Didn't get it in the end, and she just thought I was mental.'



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