Woah, Winky Face?! 8 Emojis You're Probably Using ALL Wrong...

Woah, Winky Face?! 8 Emojis You're Probably Using ALL Wrong...

Who knew emojis could be so complicated...

We've all been there. Having the lolz over Whatsapp when suddenly the person you're chatting to drops in an emoji that you were not expecting. And seriously changing the tone or meaning of what you were talking about. So to avoid those #awks moments check out our guide below...









When to use?

This is the equivalent of #awks. Best used when your friendmessages you to tell you she's wearing that stripey top from Zara tonight. The same one you bought yesterday and were planning on wearing too.





When to use?

You know those moments IRL when you can't breathe with laughter. When you wish you'd worn waterproof mascara because you're literally crying with laughter. This is that in emoji form.





When to use?

This one's a little bit suggestive. A little bit wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Commonly used by Mark, 26, a consultant from Clapham on Twitter.






When to use?

Rumour has it, that these are the hands of two separate people high-fiving. But we say, forget it, it works way better as the pleading hands. Use when you're talking about hoping to bag those Gucci loafers in the Net-a-Porter sale, when you're friend gets called for an interview and when you tell your BFF that the guy you met on Saturday said he'd call. 





When to use?

This isn't just for when you're poorly. Use it for any situations that gross you out. Think finding a lunchbox under your desk that had been sitting there for 2 weeks, stepping on slug in barefeet while hanging the washing out  and discovering that your crush enjoys hanging out in vaping stores.





When to use?

This is for those sassy moments. When you get that promotion. When you ask that guy out for a drink and he says yes. When you turn your out of office on for a two week holiday.



When to use?

This isn't for when you're actually, properly emotional and upset. This is for when you're gutted about something that at the end of the day doesn't really matter. When you get the wheel of death on your computer. When the tube is delayed and you're already running late. When someone tells you what happened in GOT last night when you were saving watching it until the weekend.




You know when you invite a friend to a party and then they rock up with that girl that always flirts with your boyfriend and basically ignores you. This is the face you make when you see her. Meh.




Probably the most underused and underrated emoji. Use when you're having a great day. Those Stan Smith trainers you bought are that perfect shade of new white. Your fave song comes on Spotify. You're basically #winning


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