The Making Of A LUSH Bath Bomb

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We’ve all been given one for Christmas, right?

We’ve all been given a LUSH bath bomb for Christmas, right. It’s a classic. The go-to gift for mums, aunties, sisters and grandmas. The perfect stocking filler. 

Known for their ethical buying and vegetarian ingredients, LUSH is a high street favourite. So when we were invited down to their flagship store in London's Oxford Street (three floors of LUSH, just imagine...) to check out how they make their iconic bath bombs we were intrigued. Fun fact: LUSH sold 26 million bath bombs in 2015, that's basically one every second.

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We learned how to make their best-selling Intergalactic bath bomb. It's a mix of refreshing peppermint, vetivert and cedarwood, but we suspect it's the neon colours, glitter and popping candy that makes it so popular. It doesn't get much more Instagrammable than that, does it? 

Though the process behind all that popping and fizzing is very scientific, once you've got the ingredients, it's actually a pretty easy process. So, if you're feeling crafty, why not have a go yourself? 

Grab the ingredients below, watch the video above, and you'll be whipping up your own bath bombs in no time. Delightful. 

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Ingredients for making a LUSH bath bomb:

1 cup sodium bicarbonate
1/2 cup citric acid
2 tsp. essential oil
Food colouring (any colour you want)
Eadible luster
Bath bomb mould

And... go! 

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