Fitness Blogger Cat Meffan Shows Us How To Banish Those Bingo Wings For Good

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Fitness blogger Cat Meffan AKA Imperfect Matter shows us how to tighten those triceps....

'This is the summer I'm going to get super fit.' Who hasn't uttered that sentence in May, then come August found oneself slumped on a sun-lounger, sipping on rosé, dumbbells a long distance memory and sighing that next year will be so much more productive. Well, we reckon there's always time to start working on that summer body (winter sun holiday anyone?) and fitness blogger Cat Meffan thinks so too. As part of Adidas's  #workit Summer Series she's created a six week programme to up our fitness levels, tone those not so tight wobbly bits and see out the summer feeling stronger. 

Every week a specific workout move will be revealed on the the Adidas Women’s Facebook page  but you can see it exclusively here first every Monday. Kicking off is Cat's downward dog to tricep push up move which promises to banish those pesky bingo wings for good. Cat says: 'Not only is this the perfect move to tone and lengthen your triceps, it’s an amazing way to bring a hint of yoga into your workout. I love being able to stretch out my body in downward facing dog between each push up.' Now, we're not going to lie, this move isn't exactly easy but the satisfaction of finishing each set and working on arms to rival Jennifer Aniston is definitely worth the burn. As Cat explains on her blog 'even though I strongly believe that body confidence very much comes from the mind and self-acceptance, there’s no denying that when you’ve sweated your way through a workout, focusing on those parts that aren’t your favourites, you walk away feeling a rush of endorphins and wake up the next day feeling sore in all the right places! I love that feeling.' 


Check out the video above and follow the instructions below and don't forget to check back next week for another killer move. #InStyleFit 

Downward dog to tricep push up

1. Start by getting into the full plank position; either on your hands and feet or knees depending on ability.

2. Push back into a downward dog, back to plank and then lower into a tricep press up, either on feet or knees. Ensure to pull core tight and keep the movement fluid.

Repeat 10-15 times.


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