How The Raw Fairies Shamanic Cleanse Rebalanced Me

How The Raw Fairies Shamanic Cleanse Rebalanced Me

From oil-pulling and sage smudging ceremonies here's why the Raw Fairies Shamanic Cleanse is definitely different...

Sorry you lost me at Shamanic, what does that even mean? 

This juice cleanse is a herbal detox based on Native American medicine. It is a very ritualistic cleanse with potent herbal elixirs, herb-infused juices, botanical scented sprays (so delicious and uplifting) and a sage smudging ceremony. The little brown glass jars of elixirs feel so medicinial, and I love things like that so I really enjoyed this part. They also tasted DELICIOUS. So this isn’t just about receiving a bag of juices – it’s more of a complete experience.

I'm more city slicker than hippy, is this cleanse for me? 

I am a hippy living in a city and it was right up my alley! However, this is probably better for people who are in to holistic medicine and alternative therapies as it does have a slightly alternative aspect what with the sage smudging and the oil pulling they recommend (where you swill coconut oil in your mouth first thing in the morning for 15 mins) and the facial spritzing (which does have delicious bohemian aroma to it). 

Will I want to raid the biscuit tin come 4pm with hunger? 

I thought I would, but I didn’t. there are so many juices and they are split (the lunch juice is served in 2 bottles rather than one big one) so you can ration them out to curb hunger pangs. Disclaimer: I did cheat and had Itsu Seaweed Thins for lunch which was naughty, but I felt like I needed to chew something. The Dreamcatcher Mylk in the evening was literally one of the most delicious juices I’ve ever tasted! Really gingery and nutty. Once I’d tried it on day one the thought of it on day two certainly kept me going. In fact, thinking about it now is making my mouth water...

What's this about face sprays and smudging ceremonies, are my housemates going to think I'm mad? 

It feels like quite a special and personal experience so I would do it in the privacy of your bedroom if you live with others. You don’t want the non-believers ruining your chakra, man. Better still – encourage them to do it with you and make a weekend of it.

So what makes it worth it? 

I was feeling incredibly stressed and having a bit of a difficult time. Also, I had been away in France eating bread for every single meal (and sometimes in between) and came home feeling like a stuffed baguette. What's more, I am allergic to wheat and my tummy was screaming at me to stop ingesting bread. This three-day cleanse feels like it has set me back to zero and rebalanced me. I spent the evenings in bed (sometimes by 8:30…) pampering myself with face masks and face oil massages. So if you're in need of some serious TLC, this is for you.

My cat Enid was a fan of the Dreamcatcher nightime Mylk too! 

Shamanic Ritual, 3-Day Cleanse. £249 at

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