How Long Should Good Sex Last? Not As Long As You Think...

How Long Should Good Sex Last? Not As Long As You Think...

So, how long should sex last to be considered good? Hmm...

Apparently, good sex does have a time frame, and the age-old debate about how long sex should last in order to be considered 'good' has been raging between partners (and between the sheets) for years.

Well, according to a study conducted by Penn State University, great sex doesn't actually have to last that long. Yep, sex lasting longer than half an hour was, according to the study (and I quote), 'a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction.'

Wow. That's right guys, explosive, earth-shattering, toe-curling sex doesn't have to last longer than an epiode of Sex And The City. And dems the figures.

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Researchers Eric Corty and Jenay Guardiani carried out a survey of 50 members of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, which included a range of professionals from psychologists to marriage/family therapists who have seen and treated thousands of patients between them.

Their responses identified the four key categories in terms of sexual time-range, from penetration to ejaculation (my responses are in brackets):

1-2 minutes - Too short (well, yeah...did it even make it inside?)

3-7 Minutes - Adequate (about enough time to stick a few fish fingers under the grill...)

7-13 Minutes - Desirable (I'm assuming that pausing for a bit of mid-coital foreplay is out of the question)

10-30 Minutes - Too long (Hurry up fella, Great British Bake Off is about to start)

So, according to Penn State University, the most 'desirable' amount of time to be having sex is between 7 and 13 minutes which, I'm sure you'll agree, is more than a little disappointing. Past research has suggested that a large percentage of men and women wanted sex to last 30 minutes or longer - however, lead author Eric Corty believes these timings are a little more 'realistic'.

'With this survey, we hope to dispel such fantasies and encourage men and women with realistic data about acceptable sexual intercourse, thus preventing sexual disappointments and dysfunctions,' he writes.

How do we feel about this ladies? Does good sex only last 13 minutes? Discuss... 




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