From Tap Dancing To Quilting: 8 Of The Best Hobbies For Adults

From Tap Dancing To Quilting: 8 Of The Best Hobbies For Adults

Yes, even if you think you're rubbish at hobbies...

Does it ever feel like all you do is work, occasionally workout and then spend all your evenings and weekends in an Instagram hole? Of course, your life is much richer than this, even if it doesn't feel like it, but if you are feeling in a bit of a rut, taking up a new hobby could give you the boost you need. 

Setting aside time to take on a hobby; from the theraputic (gardening) to the more unusual (aerial silks), not only teaches us a new skill, but also helps drag us out of our daily grind, allowing us to meet people and bond over a shared love of something new.

Pastimes are the new pop-ups, so here are the very best hobbies for adults to try right now...

1. Quilting
If you fancing getting all your mates involved in a brand new hobby, why not try a quilting workshop? Perfect for groups of pals that have a common goal in mind (a wedding, a new baby perhaps), the Hackney Draper in Clapton, East London, has devised a quilting class with a difference. For one flat fee (the price ranges from what it is you want to quilt), you and six friends can spend three hours learning the skills of quilting over wine and an artisan cheese board. They also offer individual quilting classes. Classes are booked by request, so pop an email across to to register your interest. For quilting workshops outside of London, try

2. Joining a choir
Now before you spit out your tea ('me, sing?') hear us out. Joining a choir is a great way to meet people, and singing out loud has long been associated with improving mood - in fact, it's been scientifically proven that singing can help eliminate stress and boost your immune system, so joining a choir is perfect for those that feel more than a little susceptible to life's general anxieties.

The London City Voices choir is a non-religious, non-audition community London choir that welcomes all singers, yes, even those of you who can't warble for toffee. Plus, they operate over four locations across the capital, so you've no excuse not to try it. FYI, Happy by Pharrell makes up part of their repertoire. Visit for more information. For non-Londoners, check out the dynamic

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3. Tap Classes
Far away from those hideous dance recitals your mum impressed upon you as a youngster, adult tap classes are a great way to get back into dance without feeling like some band-wagon Strictly fan. Not only does tap keep you in shape (you need to bring all the energy) but its rhythmic style relies heavily on musicality - so, perfect for fans of Jazz, musicals and all things Broadway. Sole Rebel Tap hold weekly adult tap classes in both London and Oxford, and cater from beginners to those with more dance experience. See SoleRebelTap for more details.

4. Aerial Silks
Aerial skills are a super fun way to give your body an intensive work out, whilst having all the fun at the same time. Aerial silks are the most popular of the aerial disciplines due to their versatility. Focussing on flexibility and strength, learning to clamber up those two lengths of fabric will make you feel like you are Cirque du Soleil-worthy, plus, we like to think that people will be trés impressed when we tell them we're learning how to be an aerial performance artist. Aerial Fitness school Flying Fantastic offer training in a wide range of aerial disciplines, in five venues across London. To book a class visit

5. Leather craft workshops
For those with a passion for all things textiles, why not get crafty and attend a leather workshop? Learn how to make your very own leather accessories and jewellery at one of the many workshops available throughout the UK, then once you've mastered the skill, why not make leather crafting your new 'thing'. Leather designer Rosanna Clare AKA Rosanna Gethin offers a selection of workshops, from half day sessions to a weekend bag-making course, operating both in London and out of her Kent countryside studio. See RosannaClare for all course info.

6. Burlesque 
Dita Von Teese has brought the art of burlesque (feathers and all) into the modern age, and there never has been a better time to try your hand at this empowering and oh-so glamorous dance form. From shimmying in sequins to creating your very own stage persona, learning how to burlesque will keep you fit (FYI everything is to be attempted in heels, darling) and give you so much body confidence that you'll have to be restrained from whipping your clothes off at any given opportunity. Dancer Miss Polly Rae offers a fun 'Shimmer With Confidence' burlesque masterclass at London's Hippodrome Casino (complete with bubbles), or else the London Academy of Burlesque also offer workshops and classes. 

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7. Climbing
We're going to make a bold claim here and state that climbing is the new running. No, really. With an abundance of cool climbing walls and facilities opening up all over London, it's no surprise that there's been a real resurgence in the sport. It keeps you mega fit (think: toned everything), you don't have to train outside in the miserable weather, plus there's a real community feel about it all. The Arch Climbing Wall near London Bridge offers introductory classes and free improver sessions every day. It also opens late to fit in with our busy lifestyles. Bonus. See for class info. And for those interested in climbing outside of London? has a great list of climbing walls in your area.

8. Patisserie Classes
Forget cupcakes, the newest cookery craze is ALL about the patisserie. If, like us, you've been seeing yummy (and rather posh) éclairs everywhere, then we suggest that you hop on this trend and sign up for a dedicated masterclass to begin your piped patisserie adventure. Michelin trained Chef Loretta Liu offers a Trendy Éclairs class out of her Clapham-based eaterie On Café where you can master the art of choux pastry and glossy fondant icing. Just try not to gobble them all up before getting home. See OnCafeLondon for more details. 

Well, what are you waiting for people. Make tomorrow a 'do' day, and sign up for a brand new hobby.


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