WATCH: The High Fat Recipe That's Actually Really Good For You

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Trying the high fat diet? Check out this delicious mackerel pate recipe that'll actually help you lose weight (yes, really!)…

A diet high in fat - doesn't exactly sound like the route to losing weight, right? Wrong! Well that's if you follow the official High Fat Diet aka The Cream Cheese Diet.

Designed to help you lose serious amounts of weight in a short amount of time, the high fat diet is a controversial but seemingly effective method of slimming down.

Need proof? InStyle's very own Nick Spensley tried it for himself and lost a whopping 8.5lbs in just twelve days. Yup, that actually happened.

If, like us, you're ready to jump on the high fat wagon, you're gonna need some guidance. We're thinking recipes and Beauty Writer George Driver has just the one - Mackerel Pate.

It might sound a little dodge but it's actually really delicious, crazy quick to make, full of Omega oils and a whole load of cream cheese (which as we've learnt, is the key to the high fat diet and to losing that weight).

Eat on a bagel for brunch, top a salad for lunch or as a dip with crudités for an alternative to chips and dip. The most versatile way to lose weight? We think so!

Check out the recipe below and George's step by step video above for major high fat diet inspo.

Mackerel Pate Recipe

1 tub of cream cheese
30ml double cream
2tsp horseradish
2 mackerel fillets
Juice of 1 lemon
Spring Onions

1. Chop the chives, parsley and spring onions.
2. Mix in a bowl with the cream cheese, double cream, horseradish and lemon juice.
3. Flake in the mackerel and mix well.
4. Serve on a bagel or however you like (by the spoonful is fine too!). Enjoy!

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