Bacon And Banana Trifle? What Happened When We Tried Heston's Latest Christmas Concoction For Waitrose

Bacon And Banana Trifle? What Happened When We Tried Heston's Latest Christmas Concoction For Waitrose

Heston Blumenthal is back with another weird and whacky festive creation. But is it actually nice?

Heston Blumenthal is no stranger when it comes to weird food combinations. He's done chicken curry ice-cream, meat fruit and snail porridge. And for Christmas 2016 he adds bacon and banana trifle to his weird and whacky list.

Yep, the Michelin-starred chef has unveiled his latest offering for Waitrose and unsurprisingly it's a bit of a strange one. Putting a spin on the traditional British pudding, Heston has created a bacon and banana trifle.

Said to have been inspired by a sandwich he had as a child during school holidays, Heston's trifle features a caramelised banana compote on a rum-soaked chocolate sponge, a layer of salted caramel sauce, chocolate shavings, a  vanilla custard with a smoky bacon flavoured cream – all topped with sprinkles of gold cocoa nibs. It also comes with a tiny tub of bacon pieces for customers to sprinkle on themselves.

With Heston's previous Christmas creations for Waitrose selling out and even ending up on e-bay (remember the clementine pudding that sold for £250) we knew if we wanted to try it now was the time to act.

With memories of the Friends scene where Rachel makes the jam and beef trifle flashing before us we nervously opened the box. Launching as part of a Waitrose meal deal, you get two mini trifles for £3.99 but closer to Christmas it will also be available as a family size version too. 

So what did we think? As first impressions go, this looked like you're typical fancy Waitrose desert. We're talking a nice solid plastic pot, clear defined trifle layers and a nice sprinkle of edible gold. The bacon which is more powder than pieces comes in another separate pot and although it doesn't look like much, when it comes to flavour a little goes a long way.

So is it actually something you'd want to eat? Well, although we were pretty skeptical we've got to admit it, as Heston's novelty deserts go this one is a definite winner. It's creamy, it's boozy and not overly bacon-y. Just like pancakes with maple syrup and  bacon or a watermelon and feta salad, the combination of sweet and salty really does work. Here, the bacon dust is slightly more like popping candy and adds texture to the rich creamy vanilla custard. And when we say rich, we're talking Rich kids of Instagram levels - yep three spoonfuls later of those layers of chocolate, rum, caramel and cream, and you are going to be feeling slightly nauseous but still wanting more. Maybe not one to have post turkey with all the trimmings but definitely one to pop in the trolley to try.

Check out the video below for our full reaction when we tried it live on InStyle's Facebook... 

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