Apparently Working A 9-5 Is Shortening Our Life Expectancy... Wait, What?!

Apparently Working A 9-5 Is Shortening Our Life Expectancy... Wait, What?!

It's official. Our desk jobs are killing us...

Dolly Parton has always made us feel kind of alright about working a 9-5, but recent research has suggested that eight hours sat at a desk is actually shortening our life expectancy. Yeah. By not getting up off our arses, and away from the laptop to engage in at least an hour of physical activity per day, our risk of dying can increase from 6.8% to 9.9% 

But, before you start freaking out, the team of international experts investigating the risk of death for those sitting for periods longer than eight hours a day, found that just sixty minutes of exercise can eliminate those (pretty scary) odds altogether.

The paper, published in the Lancet, highlighted the risks of leading a largely sedentary lifestyle, and found that an hour of 'moderate intensity' exercise, such as walking or cycling was enough to offset the damaging effects of sitting for extended periods of time. And that's not just restricted to your office space - watching the entire season of Making A Murderer, and not leaving the couch will also contribute to the problem.

Lead author Prof Ulf Ekelund, from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and Cambridge University, said: 

'You don’t need to do sport, you don’t need to go to the gym. It’s OK doing some brisk walking, maybe in the morning, during lunchtime, after dinner in the evening. You can split it up over the day, but you need to do at least one hour.'

'It’s not easy to do one hour of physical activity a day but... the average TV viewing time in adults in the UK today is 3hrs 6mins or something like that, more than three hours,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s too much to ask that just a little bit of those three hours may be devoted to physical activity.'

The message is clear folks, if you are putting in any kind of desk-overtime and sitting for long periods of time, you need to start getting active.

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