Do You Have The Happiest Job In The UK?

Do You Have The Happiest Job In The UK?

Probably not

Who doesn’t wonder whether another job would make them happier?

It’s the millennial curse; constant questions… Could you be doing something that makes you more fulfilled? Should you throw in the career you’ve been training to do in favour of something shiny and new? If you sacked it all in for that seemingly more satisfying job, would you regret it for your whole entire life?

The answer is: no-one knows, you’ll just have to try.

But the UK Cabinet Office has conducted a survey about which jobs make people happiest, and least happy, to get some figures about overall life satisfaction which you can use to help decide your career path.

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The results are kind of surprising (meaning: totally and 100% unpredictable).

Topping the list of the jobs that make people happy is a clergy.

On the other end of the spectrum — the job that makes people least happy — is the poor ‘plastics producing company operative’.

Though they seem random, who are we to judge? There’s a lot to take into account — colleagues, commute, salary, career prospects, hours, job satisfaction — and maybe being a clergy would just tick all those boxes.

Here are the lists in full…

The 10 Jobs That Make People Happiest

  1. Clergy
  2. Chief executives and senior officials of companies
  3. Managers of agriculture and horticulture
  4. Company secretaries
  5. Quality assurance and regulatory professionals
  6. Health care practice managers
  7. Medical practitioners
  8. Farmers
  9. Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors
  10. Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors

The 10 Jobs That Make People Unhappiest

  1. Plastics producing company operative
  2. Bar staff
  3. Care escorts
  4. Sports and leisure assistants
  5. Telesales
  6. Floorers and wall tilers
  7. Industrial cleaning process occupations
  8. Debt, rent and other cash collectors
  9. Construction workers
  10. Managers of licensed premises

So, are there any themes emerging that we can apply to our own lives? Things that seem conducive to happiness are working outdoors or being high up in companies — so far, so obvious — and the less popular jobs seem to involve plastic, sports, floors, walls and debt. Interesting.

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