Is Gwynnie’s £161 Morning Smoothie The Insanest EVER?

Is Gwynnie’s £161 Morning Smoothie The Insanest EVER?

Yes, the ingredients really do cost that much...

Nowadays, 90s cool girl Gwyneth Paltrow is better known for her whacky health habits — vaginal douching and the likes ­— but the latest smoothie recipe on her lifestyle website Goop truly out-Gwynnies Gwynnie.

It's what she drinks on an average morning, whether or not she's detoxing — with the choice of moon dust depending on the day ahead. E.g. 'brain before a long day at the office, sex dust before a date'. 

On first glance, it looks quite low-key with just one instruction — just combine all ingredients in a blender and blitz. 

Pretty simple, UNTIL you read the ingredients (and they are the best thing ever)...

1 cup almond milk - £1.80

1 tablespoon almond butter - £3.99

1 teaspoon coconut oil - £4.99

2 tablespoons vanilla mushroom protein powder - £24.81

1 teaspoon maca - £17.74

1 teaspoon ashwagandha - £12.05

1 teaspoon ho shou wu - £12.77

1 teaspoon cordyceps - £24.84

1 teaspoon moon dust of choice:

Action Dust to soothe overworked muscles, 

Beauty Dust for a glowy complexion and healthy hair, 

Brain Dust to combat mental fogginess,

Goodnight Dust when sleep has been evasive, 

Sex Dust, for, you know

Spirit Dust to get that extrasensory perception going. £39-46.13

pinch Himalayan sea salt - £2.99

pinch vanilla powder (optional) - £8.99

Hold up — assuming we knew where to purchase moon dust (which as LUCK would have it we can buy from Gwynnie’s very own Goop store) — this list of ingredients would cost £161.10.

Bad news for any Brits looking for a moon dust pick-me-up — they only ship within the US. Not just that, but both the $65 Beauty Dust and $65 Sex Dust is SOLD OUT. (Who the?!)

Despite the variety of moon dusts, Gwynnie has described the recipe as ‘an extremely basic version’.  

If you don’t like sex dust in your breakfast, check out our fashion director Arabella Greenhill’s NutriBullet recipes and our favourite smoothie bowls

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