Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Us Her Top 5 Fitness Lessons

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives Us Her Top 5 Fitness Lessons
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She’s as well known for her uber body as she is her film roles. Want to know how Gwyneth Paltrow keeps herself in shape? Read on…

1. Establish a routine
“When it comes to exercise, I work my ass off – literally! I do Tracy Anderson’s method five days a week. I drop my kids at school and go straight to the gym to get it out of the way. Tracy once said to me, ‘Think of it like brushing your teeth – just get up and do it.’ So that’s what I do. I do an hour of dance aerobics and some muscular structure work with light weights. If I’m on holiday, though, I’ll give myself a break.”

2. Tune in
“Part of Tracy’s method is to always have music blasting in the gym, which helps you to move and makes it go faster. We’re always looking for remixes of songs to work out to – something with a good beat.”

3. Get your beauty sleep
“Before you even think about dieting, first try to get more sleep. It plays a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy. Ideally, I’d like ten hours’ sleep a night, but I find seven or eight keeps me going.”

4. Diet? What diet?
“I’m not very strict with myself food-wise because I’m very strict about exercise. The reason I work out is because I love food and I can’t diet or cut things out. New England food, like fried clams, French fries and clam chowder with blue-cheese dressing, is my favourite.”

5. Good scents
“Scent is really important to me. I’ll spritz Ma Vie by Hugo Boss (from £33.30, before I go to the gym. It’s feminine and wearable. I also love Le Labo scented candles (from £40,”

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