What DOES She Eat?! Gisele’s Diet Plan Will Blow Your Mind

What DOES She Eat?! Gisele’s Diet Plan Will Blow Your Mind

Gisele’s body is one of the most famous in the business, but the diet she follows to keep it in shape? You need to read this…

Gisele and Tom Brady have some of the best bodies in the industry, so it’s no surprise they follow a strict diet to keep in shape. But when their family chef, Allen Campbell, spoke to Boston.com about the Brady family’s meal regime? It would have been easier to tell us what they DO eat. Read on for the strictest diet plan we’ve ever heard…

1. In the words of Campbell, the couple follow a plant based diet. Campbell says this is where all the nutrition comes from; “I believe it has the power to reverse and prevent disease”.

2. Campbell buys local and organic produce, staying away from genetically modified ingredients. “I think about the future of the planet”. 

3. 80% of what they eat is vegetables. Campbell buys the freshest, which are always organic.

4. Whole grains are key. Brown rice, quinoa, millet and beans.

5. 20% of the diet is lean meat. Grass fed organic steak, chick and occasionally duck.

6. Fish dishes are mostly made with wild salmon. 

7. Sugar is a big no-no. It makes the body acidic.

8. White flour is also out.

9. Campbell uses raw olive oil, but never to cook with. He only cooks with coconut oil. 

10. Switch white table salt for Himalayan pink salt.

11. No ‘nightshades’. If you don’t know what that means (us neither), that means no tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms or aubergines, as they aren’t inflammatory. Campbell does admit tomatoes creep in once a month.

12. No coffee! No caffeine at all, in fact.

13. No dairy.

14. No fungi.

15. Tom and Gisele leave the fruit to their children. Tom might have a banana in a smoothie, but apart from that, he steers clear.

16. This diet is gluten free, says Campbell.

17. For breakfast? Raw granola.

18. And if you want to treat yourself? Raw chocolate chip cookies. 

19. Campbell also dehydrates a lot of things, including spirulina (an algae); “I have three dehydrators in their kitchen”. 

20. Comfort food in the Brady household? “I just did this quinoa dish with wilted greens. I use kale or Swiss chard or beet greens. I add garlic, toasted in coconut oil. And then some toasted almonds, or this cashew sauce with lime curry, lemongrass, and a little bit of ginger”.

21. Campbell is “all about serving meals in bowls”.

22. Cooking is seasonal. In the winter, there's more red meat, soups and root vegetables on the menu.

23. In summer, it’s raw lasagna and salad.

24. Campbell shops at farmers markets most of the time, but he also dips into Whole Foods. For meat, "The Butcher Shop in South End".

25. It doesn’t stop when they travel, either; “If they’re gone for a long period of time, I’ll contact wherever they’re staying and give the resort or whoever the lowdown on what they like to eat”.

26. Lunch is at 12.30, dinner is 5.30/6pm.

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